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Foot Pads & Sparring Pads

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At Made4Fighters we are committed to providing the very best in MMA protective gear to our customers. When it comes to any discipline of combat sports, Sparring pads & foot pads of any kind, are essential for performance, and protection from injury. It’s crucial that the fighter has the very best foot pads to prevent serious injury like breaking and bruising the feet where powerful kicks are thrown. Sparring pads not only protect you, but also your opponent so that they can better absorb those powerful blows. This enables both competitors to focus on their performance without concern for injury.

Our selection of sparring pads are made from tough, durable leather and shock absorbing foam. They are designed specifically to protect the feet against heavy kicks and for those kicks to be absorbed within the foam to protect both fighters from serious injury. This is not part of martial arts protective gear where quality should be compromised. Investing in long-lasting, quality sparring pads will continue to protect both fighters during punishing training sessions and competitions, time and time again.

Our stock foots pads for TaeKwonDo, Kickboxing and Karate for top brands like Top Ten, Century, Bytomic & Macho. They have been through rigorous testing to meet strict industry standards.

TaeKwonDo Sparring Gear

When you’ve chosen the best TaeKwonDo sparring pads, complete the protective gear with gloves, body protection, head guards, shin guards and groin guards. Finish the TaeKwonDo kit off with the perfect uniform.