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BJJ Ranked Belts

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Martial Arts Belts for the ultimate recognition

At Made4Fighters, we strive to provide every necessary component to help you succeed within your chosen martial arts discipline. Here we provide the various types of martial arts belts to help you mark achievements as you move your way through the belt system. Each discipline has their own ranking system, so whether you are searching for BJJ belts or karate belts we have the full selection here for you to choose from. Allowing you to wear your belts with pride as you graduate from each level within your chosen combats sports discipline.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belts ranking system

As you advance your skills within Jiu Jitsu training, one of the first things you will learn about is the belt ranking system. Although historically, the belts originated in China and were used to simply hold the pants up, or to hold weapons. Today they are used to visually track the student progress, as they move from the more basic to more skilled techniques within Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In the earlier days, students would start with a white belt and dye it a darker colour as they progressed. A more dark colour was seen to represent maturity within the art. Nowadays the BJJ belt ranking system is: White, Blue, Purple, Brown & Black. Students tend to spend the most time with the blue belt and develop their own unique style with the purple belts. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known for its strict requirements before advancing to the next BJJ Belt. So expect to wear each belt for some time.

Made4Fighters have a range of BJJ Belts from the likes of Hyperfly, Tatami, FumetsuKingz & Scramble. As well as other martial arts belts from Bytomic & Hayashi. And Karate belts from Venum.

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