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Made4Fighters reviews the Nike Hyper KO & Machomai boots


It’s an exciting time for those who love to test drive the latest in combat sports wear & equipment, as Nike have recently released a couple of major updates into their boxing boots line-up. As Europe’s biggest MMA, Boxing & Combat sports retailer; we couldn’t wait to welcome these boots into our catalogue, and we’d like to invite you to check out the latest gems from Nike’s boxing boots range.

Working closely with professional fighters and amateur boxers; Nike have taken their craftsmanship to the next level by engineering boxing footwear which is truly tailormade for serious fighters. Newcomers to the sport will also benefit, and from the feedback we’ve received, the step-up in quality is immediately appreciable. Moving from your standard pair of boxing boots, to the latest editions of the Nike Hyper KO and Nike Machomai will completely transform your sparring sessions, allowing you to comfortably spar with intensity for longer as you float like the proverbial butterfly.

But what’s so special about the new-and-improved Hyper KO and Machomai boots? Read on to find out our take on the two heavyweight contenders.

Introducing the new editions of Nike’s Machomai boots

Boxers up and down the competitive ladder will often sport Nike boots, and their sportswear is trusted pretty much universally as the brand has all but mastered the art of balancing premium materials with customer-friendly prices.

Nike have pushed the envelope once more with the release of their Machomai boxing boot series; and we know quality when we see it. Featuring amazing ankle support, a durable rubber sole which wraps up around the sides of the boot to provide maximum traction, and a fairly unique lacing system which will let you slide out of them quickly post fight. 

There are a boat load of colour options, and we’ve posted a few of our personal favourites below ; but your tastes may well differ, so browse our full range for the full scope.

With Nike’s sportswear selection, it’s never solely about functionality, they’ve got to look the part and exude that trademark swag expected of Nike. 

These boots are are also absolutely ideal for those fighters who love to show off with brash ring gear, sporting sleek designs in a whole host of hard-hitting colour schemes to match your shorts, gloves & mouth guard.

Moving swiftly onto the Hyper KO

Up next, the Hyper KO boots. First of all, what do we love about these shoes? Well, they’re incredibly light, you’re looking at less than 300 grams for a size 9 boot and the engineering will make them feel short of that modest total whilst on your feet. 

You’ll feel like you’re gliding across the canvas and footwork sessions become an absolute treat, benefiting from Nike’s patented (and suitably named) Flywire technology, giving the Hyper KO boots strength whilst not adding anything in terms of bulk.

They’re also a favourite of Manny Pacquiao; and if they’re good enough for Pac Man, they’re good enough for the rest of us. Take a look at the Hyper KO in grey with volt accenting as well as the beautiful and classic, black & silver design:

Nike has used its innovative Flywire support technology to make the boot lightweight without compromising on strength. In order to withstand the powerful torque generated by boxers during punching, a lockdown strap has been placed in the forefoot area. Nike's Flywire support system has allowed the HyperKO to be designed with a significant amount of mesh, which not only reduces weight but also facilitates ventilation and moisture management, making it an ideal choice for boxers looking for top-notch performance footwear.

Boxing equipment at Made4Fighters

In addition to boasting the latest Nike boxing shoes available on the web at outstanding price points; we're also proud to stand as an officially authorised retailer of all of Nike’s combat sports gear, and whether we’re talking boxing or MMA, Made4Fighters has you covered. We also stock the latest from the most sought after brands in the boxing industry, so make sure to check out everything we have to offer from Adidas Combat Sports and Ringside Boxing, as well as our old favourites; Venum, Hayashi & Sandee.