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Made4Fighters Showcase - Sandee Boxing Gloves & Muay Thai Shorts

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Sandee are one of our favourite brands here at Made4Fighters, and we’ll gladly recommend any of their products in a heartbeat to fighters and practitioners alike, as you’re guaranteed to benefit from that elusive balance of quality, premium gear at price points which won’t break the bank. 

When it comes to combat sports, it’s absolutely critical that you aren’t tempted to ‘cheap’ out with regards to training wear and protective gear; and investing in equipment which is built to last will save you money, as well as injury in the long run.

One of the reasons we wanted to update you about our Sandee range is to introduce their relatively recent addition of specialised MMA and muay thai gear. Read on to find out what’s new with Sandee.

The Story of Sandee

Founded in 1977 Sandee is pretty well-loved in the martial arts community for making top-notch gear that's perfect for folks into Muay Thai and MMA. Coming straight from Thailand, the heartland of Muay Thai, Sandee has earned its stripes for making gear that's not just tough and comfy but also performs when you need it most. Whether you're talking gloves, shin guards, or pads, their stuff is made to handle the nitty-gritty of both training and competing. 

It's no wonder that fighters at all levels, from beginners to pros, really dig Sandee gear. It's not just about the quality, though; it's also about how Sandee gets the martial arts way of life, showing heaps of respect for the traditions. 

This commitment to being the best has made Sandee a go-to name in gyms and training spots all over the globe, capturing the true essence and grit of martial arts culture.

Sandee Muay Thai Shorts

Whether you’re watching professional kickboxing action in person or via a live stream, you’ll instantly recognise the Sandee logo, as their Sandee Boxing division sponsors top fighters around the world. Sandee really come into their own element when designing their acclaimed muay thai fight shorts, with Sandee’s Supernatural Power series earning a lot of praise from pro fighters. Sandee’s muay thai shorts effortlessly mesh flair with performance, with innovative little touches to enable fighters to perform at the top of their game. 

Case in point, Sandee’s patented 3D mesh strips which allow for a greater range of movement when performing knee strikes and powerful kicks.

In addition to Sandee’s muay thai shorts which are available in a whole host of stylish colour schemes to let you show off your own fighting personality, make sure to check out our full range of Muay Thai shorts from other top contenders in the game.

Sandee Boxing gloves

Sandee is well-loved for their boxing and Muay Thai gloves! Their unique 'tri-foam' technology ensures top-notch protection for your hand bones and ligaments, all while fitting comfortably and securely, giving you the freedom to move without feeling held back.

At Made4Fighters, we're proud to offer one of the most extensive online selections of exceptional boxing gloves. Feel free to check out our dedicated boxing gloves section to explore our full collection.

Sandee Hand Wraps

Sandee hand wraps are a favourite among fans of mixed martial arts, boxing, and muay thai for their top-notch durability and quality. 

Crafted from premium cotton stretch fabric with a stylish woven striped design, these wraps are not just good-looking but built to last. 

Each one is lovingly handmade to ensure they're consistently high in quality and super reliable. Thanks to the 100% elasticated cotton, they offer a cozy, snug fit that molds perfectly to your hand, giving you the best support and protection whether you're training or competing. 

The handy Velcro ends make wrapping your hands quick and easy, so you can get ready in no time. With lengths available in both 2.5M and 5M, there's something for everyone's needs, making these wraps a must-have for anyone engaged in martial arts or boxing, whether it's for daily practice or the big competition day.

Sandee Shin Guards

Sandee Authentic Leather Shin Guards come with a mix of top-notch features and materials, all wrapped up in genuine cowhide leather.

When you try on these shin guards, you'll appreciate their all-around protection and ultimate safety, thanks to the raised knee area, contoured shin ridge, and full foot coverage.

Putting them on and taking them off is a breeze, too, thanks to the double Velcro back-strap closure system, complemented by extra elastic support for a snug and easy fit.

But these shin guards are more than just gear; they're a piece of art, lovingly hand-crafted with precision in the heart of Thailand, a country with a rich tradition in combat sports. 

Sandee Head Guards

Sandee is celebrated for its unmatched expertise in Muay Thai, but it's also the go-to brand for all your combat sports needs.

We're thrilled to present our collection of Sandee Head Guards, designed to be your reliable partner during intense training and competitive bouts. 

These head guards boast premium cowhide leather for enduring protection, alongside contoured high-density latex foam offering an extra layer of defense. They provide comprehensive protection, ensuring maximum safety with features like raised cheek, full ear padding, and chin support for superior shock absorption.

What sets the Sandee head guards apart is their customisable and secure fit, featuring a full Velcro back-strap and lace-up top closure to ensure a snug fit. Crafted with care in Thailand, these head guards are a true testament to the spirit of warriors, blending impeccable protection with sleek style in the combat arena.

In the vibrant world of Muay Thai boxing, the colours blue and red are more than just shades; they embody the spirit and tradition of the sport. Our head guards come in these iconic colours, adding a dash of tradition and flair to your gear, perfect for those who appreciate the rich heritage of Muay Thai and want to stand out in the ring.

Explore Sandee and Various Martial Arts Brands at Made4Fighters

Stay tuned for more as we showcase our top brands here at Made4Fighters; as Europe’s leading online supplier of MMA, boxing and fitness equipment & apparel, you can expect to find the latest products from the best in the business at our store. 

We’ve got a special look at the all-new line-up of Nike Boxing Boots coming up, featuring the KO, Hyper KO and Machomai product lines. Be sure to follow us on social media through Facebook and Twitter as we regularly post our latest offers and competitions, where you can enter to be in with a chance of taking home exclusive MMA memorabilia and autographed merchandise.

FAQ: Sandee Martial Arts

Which is better, Sandee or Fairtex?

Choosing between Sandee and Fairtex depends on your personal preferences and needs. Both brands are highly respected in the combat sports world, offering top-quality gear. Sandee is renowned for its durable and stylish head guards, perfect for those seeking comprehensive protection with a touch of tradition. Fairtex, on the other hand, is also known for its quality and innovation. It's best to consider the specific product features, materials, and user reviews to decide which suits you better.

Is Sandee made in Thailand?

Yes, Sandee products are proudly made in Thailand. This is a significant aspect of the brand, as Thailand is considered the heartland of Muay Thai. Crafting their products in Thailand allows Sandee to maintain a close connection to the sport's traditions and ensure authenticity in their gear