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No Stink Sport Deodorizer: Odour-Free Shoes, Gloves, Bags

No Stink Shoe, Glove and bag deodoriser

Struggling with the persistent challenge of keeping your sports gear odour-free and fresh?

Discover NO STINK, your new ally in the battle against odours. This range of innovative deodorising solutions is perfect for a variety of sports equipment, including gloves, shoes, and bags. Designed to ensure your gear remains dry and smells great, NO STINK is the hassle-free way to prolong the life of your sports equipment.

Featuring our flagship sports glove deodoriser and the latest expansions for sports bags and shoes, NO STINK provides an effective and affordable answer to odour problems. Just place the deodorizer inside your gear when not in use, and it takes care of the rest. Embrace a new era of odourless, hygienic sporting equipment with NO STINK.

no stink xl

Home of No Stink Products

Ready to explore the world of odor-removing wonders? Each of our amazing tools has its unique superpower, perfectly suited for specific needs. But guess what? They're also versatile champions at tackling all sorts of smells, from your gym bag to gloves, and even shin guards! Let's embark on this exciting journey together and discover the perfect sports deodorizer for you.

Green NO STINK Sports Shoe Deodoriser

Let's kick things off with the NO STINK collection's very first star, the Green No Stink Sports Deodoriser.

A real crowd-pleaser, you'll find it in many chic retail spots, including TK Maxx, where it's won loads of fans. Its superpower? Keeping your shoes fresh and fabulous after workouts or competitions. Imagine, a shoe deodoriser that actually keeps its promise!

Wave goodbye to the woes of stinky shoes and hello to the No Stink Deodoriser – your ultimate partner in keeping your cherished kicks smelling great. At the end of a busy day, just pop a deodorising pouch into each shoe.

Thanks to No Stink's natural magic, it'll soak up all the moisture and shoo away those pesky bacteria that cause bad odours. Fresh, dry, and sweet-smelling - that's the No Stink promise!

Our best-selling deodoriser has a light Lime fragrance and comes in packs of two.

NO STINK Multi-purpose Deodoriser

Let's dive into another fantastic sports deodorizer: the No Stink Multi-Purpose Deodoriser! 

This little wonder works like magic to banish all sorts of odours, no matter where they come from. Whether it's those sweaty sports shoes, boxing gloves, or any other gear, this deodorizer has got you covered. Plus, it's super versatile! You can pop it into different products, leave it in your car, bag, or wardrobe, and it'll quietly do its job, absorbing all those unwanted smells. 

We all know someone who shows up at the gym or martial arts class with a not-so-fresh bag, right? This one's for them!

Also, here's a neat fact about the Multi-Purpose Deodoriser: it's unscented. But don't let that fool you – customers say it's just as effective at whisking away those pesky odours as its scented counterparts. And the best part? It's sold in pairs, making it an incredibly versatile option for keeping all your spaces fresh and inviting.

No Stink

Yellow NO STINK Sports Glove Deodoriser

The NO STINK Sports Glove Deodoriser in yellow is not just any deodorizer; it's a game-changer for those looking to remove smell from boxing gloves, as well as various types of MMA gloves like sparring and point fighting gloves. Its effective odour-eliminating properties make it a top choice for individuals eager to keep their sports gloves smelling fresh and ready for action.

Using it is a breeze! Just slide the deodoriser into your gloves and let it weave its magic.

Thanks to No Stink's natural properties, it absorbs moisture and tackles the bacteria responsible for those pesky bad smells. To keep your gloves in top-notch condition, remember to pop these deodorising pouches into your sports gloves after every training session. And here's something extra: our best-selling version emits a mild Lemon fragrance and comes in handy packs of two.

No Stink Deodoriser XL is now available!

NO STINK Sports Deodoriser XL

With our No Stink XL, (unscented pad in single packs) you won't have to worry about smelly boxing gloves, shoes or gym bags ever again. Just leave it overnight and let the anti-odour fabric work its magic - absorbing moisture and eliminating odours caused by bacteria! Stop embarrassing yourself with strong smells – try out No Stink today for fresher gear every morning.

The perfect solution for removing unwanted smells and moisture from luggage, drawers, sports bags and much more - whilst keeping them fresh, dry and stink free!

Simply place the deodourising pouches inside the desired area and leave it overnight.

How do No Stink Deodorisers work?

No Stink Deodorisers are a cheap and effective way to extend the life of boxing gloves, mma gloves, sparring gloves and every just about other type of sports gloves. Simply place the No Stink deodoriser inside your sports equipment. 

They get to work preventing or killing bacteria that causes the all too familiar stink inside your sports equipment.

Over time, the natural properties of No Stink will absorb the moisture inside of the area and remove the bacteria that causes bad smells.

Suitable for virtually anywhere that's smelly!

The full range of No Stink products are made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. They are recyclable, reusable and anti-bacterial. 


  • NATURAL- No Stink pads are made from non-toxic, eco-friendly bamboo charcoal.

  • ABSORBS MOISTURE - Bamboo charcoal is a highly porous material that is effective at removing moisture, which in turn prevents buildup of bad odour.

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL - No Stink pads remove moisture and prevent nasty bacteria from growing in the area.

  • RE-USEABLE - Use the pouches wherever you need to - as a boxing glove deodoriser or for shoes or a sports bag. Simply place the pouches inside and leave them overnight.

  • RE-ACTIVATE - To ensure No Stink pads last as long as possible, place them in the sun once per month for 1-2 hours to recharge. You can do this for up to 1 year.

  • RE-CYCLE - Once your No Stink product has reached the end of its life cycle, cut open the bag and sprinkle it on the soil in your garden. This will help plants absorb nutrients from the soil.

Noticing a differance

The deodoriser can be inserted into your glove, shoe, gym bag, or any item that you find most convenient, and the results are almost immediate. Although the deodoriser will absorb more unwanted odours and decrease moisture levels if left in place for a longer period.

No Stink is a UK brand dedicated to assisting athletes in extending the life of their sports equipment. They are in good company with many other trusted UK brands serving combat sports athletes such as Bytomic, Made4Fighters, Ringside Boxing and international brands like Tatami, Nike & Top Ten.