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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for... MMA FIGHTERS

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for... MMA FIGHTERS

Know an MMA fanatic? Consider your Christmas shopping done!


HYKSO Punch Trackers have taken the Martial Arts industry by storm and it's very easy to understand why. This small, discreet, innovative product tracks your hands’ movement 1000 times per second to detect the number, the type, and the velocity of all your punches. Durable, comfortable & highly accurate, you can track you progression and continue to improve. There's more - compare your speed, punch count and intensity to other fighters to better know your strengths and weaknesses. Check the out HERE

After only 3 months, Hykso Athletes…

  • Have increased their workout intensity by 21%
  • Punch 6% faster
  • Use their jab 33% more
  • Detected overtraining patterns in 17% of the cases
  • Incorporated a drill from another user in 65% of the cases

Enough Said.


Made4Fighters are the Official European Distributor for Aqua Training Bag. But that's not why they're on this list. They started in the USA and they're now seen all over the World, in next to no time at all. You'll find them gyms, training classes, home gyms and parks now a staple part of peoples training and fitness regimes, used by amateurs and professionals alike. We have been astounded by the incredible feedback we've had from these. Check out the Aqua Bag Europe Instagram here to see what customers really think.

In a nutshell - Aqua Punching Bags harness all of the power and benefits of water to provide you with a one-of-a-kind boxing or MMA experience. They’re easier on joints, offer more resistance, and feel more like hitting a person. When you hit an Aqua Punch Bag for the first time, you will never go back to working out with a traditional heavy bag.

Available in several sizes; 9", 12", 15", 18" & 21" and all available in a range of striking colours.

We Also Love:  Versys VS1 Fight Simulator Punch Bag

Find our full range of Aqua Training Bags here


After months of giving us sneak previews of their new ranges, they have finally landed. And let's just say, it was well worth the wait. So, PunchTown is back and ready to Take It Too Far once more. Introducing the Oni Battle Range, which portrays samurai of old facing their demons in true PunchTown style. They've utilised new materials for a much more comfortable, durable and opaque product using fully sublimated printing so there'll be no fading or peeling. Check out the Rash GuardSpatsVale Tudo ShortsFight Shorts

With it's unique and edgy style, PunchTown pushes limits that others dare not. 

Find our full range of PunchTown here


Let's piece together the puzzle. You've got your PunchTown Oni Battle rashguard & fight shorts, so we need some combat gear to match that's equally as powerful. Fumetsu Hybrid MMA Sparring Gloves are designed to provide maximum protection, safety and comfort in MMA training all whilst looking sleek and smart. The open palm provides full range of movement when grappling. Strong and resilliant like it's wearer, the striking area & open palm is constructed of 100% buffalo calf leather

We Also Love: Bytomic Axis MMA Sparring Gloves in Black/Red & Black/Grey

Find our full range of Fumetsu here


The last cup a man will ever need to buy!

The  Diamond MMA Compression Jock and Cup System is the ultimate in groin protection for high impact sport athletes. Made from the best materials out there, the Diamond MMA Compression Jock leverages a high performance 4 strap jock system to hold a specially designed cup in place. The Diamond MMA Compressions shorts have a drawstring providing a custom fit.

Find our full range of Diamond MMA here


No one likes the smelly kid in class. Keep it fresh and smelling good for everyone involved with No Stink Deodorisers. They can be used for almost  anything that's smelly, and for as little as a fiver, you can now make your opponents eyes water for all the right reasons. They're anti-bacterial, anti-moisture properties even help your gear live longer. We've got No Stink for your GlovesShoes/Boots & an XL version for your Head Guards, Gym Bags, Car, Drawers and anywhere else it may fit. 

Find our full range of No Stink here


Empire Pro Tape is the ultimate sports tape for MMA. The 100% cotton fabric of Empire Finger Tape is non-stretch, rigid and offers a controlled unwind. Designed to optimise power, performance and protection on fight night, Empire Pro Tape is the elite fighters No.1 choice - The Tape of Champions! Available in  12mm25mm38mm. Check out the Notorious Conor McGregor sporting it here.

Find our full range of Empire Tapes here


Take care of those all important pearly whites with a mouth guard that provides a perfect combination of unbelievable comfort, flexibility, and shock absorption. The gel frame moulds to your teeth for a custom fit that allows better breathing during training. Not only that, but we've got a whole load of different colours you can choose from. Here goes;  whiteorangeredbluegreengreypurplepink and neon

Find our full range of Venum here


We've already introduced you to the new and improved PunchTown and it's so good we had to mention it twice. Introducing KORE, the latest range of combat sports equipment by PunchTown. The KRANION KR Head Guards are designed for boxing, kickboxing and MMA sparring whilst the MMA Shin Guards are designed specifically for, you guessed it, MMA! A durable, clean and stylish design, this gear was no doubt built for fighting. 

Check the Head Guards out in  White/Black and Black/White and Shin Guards in White/Black and Black/White too!

Find our full range of PunchTown here


Who needs a human anyway?! Train all day everyday with the Century Heavy Grappling Dummy. Reinforced, laced stitching at seams and stress points, the dummy is ideal for practicing throws, takedowns, submissions and grappling techniques. It has posable arms for self defence drills and submission manoeuvres made from thick cut vinyl for optimum durability. Check out the weightage before you make up your mind! 

Find our full range of Century here

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