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  • Oprotec Kinesiology Tape - KT Tape
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Oprotec Kinesiology Tape

This Item has been discontinued.

Opro K-Tape

What is it?

OPROtec K-Tape is a kinesiology tape designed to help your body’s natural healing process to work to its full potential. When applied over swollen or injured muscles, the tape lifts your skin to give the muscle and joint room to breathe, enabling freer, more comfortable movement. As well as offering immediate relief, the space our kinesiology tape creates around your muscle also helps to promote blood flow while draining away any fluid.

The Biomaster antimicrobial additive has been added to all the OPROtec K-tapes. Biomaster is based on silver ion technology and when bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, the silver ions prevent them from growing, producing energy or replicating and therefore, they die. Biomaster additive is effective against 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA and lasts the lifetime of the product.

Is it right for me?

From long-distance runners to professional football players, kinesiology tape has been proven to offer relief before, during and after exercise. One of the most common uses is to ease knee pain from running. Whether you’re recovering from injury, you’ve got fluid on the knee or you simply feel that your muscles are more vulnerable than usual, a few strips of k-tape will give you the relief and confidence you need to get active again.

But that’s not the only application for our k-tape. It’s also suitable for a variety of other aches, pains and injuries, including the back, thigh, shoulder, arm and lower leg pain. So say goodbye to muscle pain with our kinesiology tape.

Do not wear over open wounds
Always seek professional advice on pain, injury or irritation
Contains a Biomaster antimicrobial additive for protection against 99.99% of bacteria

Manufactured by: Opro
Part Number:
Product Type: Tape
Material: Tape
Origin: China
Packaged Weight: