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Boxing Gloves for kids - Ultimate Parental Guide

Kids boxing gloves - ultimate parental guide

As a parent, you want to make sure your child stays safe and secure while training and exercising. That's why having the right sports gear is so important - especially when it comes to boxing gloves for kids! Having the right protective equipment can help prevent injury and even long-term damage.

With this Ultimate Parental Guide, we will explore what are the top 5 boxing gloves available for children, what safety features should be considered prior to purchase, as well as how to properly clean and care for them once bought. You'll have all the information you need in order to ensure that your little one is outfitted safely and comfortably. Be equipped with the best parental advice here and now!

Teach your kids safe boxing habits from a young age

When it comes to children's safety in the boxing ring, having proper equipment is crucial. This includes a head guard, mouth guard, and most importantly, boxing gloves. These gloves not only protect the hands of young boxers from injury, but they also help to prevent head injuries by reducing the force of their punches. In addition, gloves with wrist support can help to prevent wrist sprains and other common hand injuries. 

Although protective gear may seem like an added expense, it can save money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of expensive medical bills and missed training time due to injury. HealthSafety go into more detail on the importance of safety in Boxing

No More Guesswork: Find the Perfect Boxing Glove

Boxing gloves can help improve your child's development in a number of ways. They can help improve hand-eye coordination, muscle development and self-defence skills. Wodify explains the different ways boxing gloves can help improve performance. When it comes to purchasing Boxing gloves for kids, there are a few things that parents need to take into account before making a purchase. The size, weight and fit of the glove are all important factors to consider when choosing the right gloves for your child. 

1. Size -

Properly fitting boxing gloves are essential for your children's safety and protection. Buying the wrong glove size for your child can lead to poor form, incorrect protection of the knuckles and fingers, as well as a poor fit. A poor fit affects how your child holds the glove and their overall protection from injury. It can also contribute to discomfort or pinching, leading to potential hand-injury. Therefore, it is important to select a glove size that fits properly, with snugness but not restriction at the wrist and ample protection over the kid's knuckles when they make a fist.

Doing so will give your child the effective protection they need while also allowing them to have proper body mechanics when punching or blocking an opponent during a match.

  • Always make sure that the boxing gloves fit your child properly. They should be comfortable and not too tight or too loose. 
  • Smaller gloves ensure that their hands and wrists are properly supported, reducing the likelihood of injury. 
  • Additionally, smaller gloves allow for better control and more precise punches, which can in turn improve technique and hand-eye coordination. 

Recommended size chart:

  • Children 4-5 years | under 70 lbs | 4 Oz Gloves
  • Children aged 8 and Under | under 90 lbs | 4-6 Oz Gloves
  • Kids aged 8-10 | 70-100 Ibs | 8-10 Oz Gloves

 🇬‍🇧 England Boxing provides a full list of rules for junior competitions and it's important that these guidelines are followed. In summary, taking into account the size of boxing gloves for children is crucial for their safety, skill development, and fair competition in the sport.

2. Experience -

When buying boxing gloves for your kids, it is important to consider the level of protection you are trying to provide. In this regard, having some background in boxing can be a great advantage as it will allow you to find the right protection for your children according to their size and skill level. Depending on the training intensity, an extra-thick glove might be needed in order to reduce the impact of punches thrown during sparring sessions. Additionally, buying from a trusted brand and checking for safety certifications can help keep protection at the forefront when selecting boxing gloves for kids.

Make sure that your child is properly trained before using boxing gloves. They should know how to throw punches correctly and how to defend themselves. 

Tony Jeffries, a former professional boxer from England, competed in the sport from 2007 to 2012. Born on February 2, 1985, in Sunderland, England, Jeffries had a successful amateur career, earning multiple national and international titles, such as a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, China. Upon transitioning to the professional circuit in 2007, Jeffries achieved a perfect record of nine wins, including six knockouts. Since retiring from boxing, Jeffries has become an entrepreneur and fitness coach. Recently, Jeffries shared a video containing his top 10 sparring tips for beginner children.

3. Brand & Quality -

Not only do premium kid’s boxing gloves provide protection from impact, but they also allow for a better grip which ensures kids can skillfully maneuver their movements with less risk. Quality brand gloves often meet standards in terms of protection, cushioning, size and material making them the superior option when selecting a pair of gloves for your children. Consequently, investing in top brand and quality kid's boxing gloves will go a long way towards keeping your children safe while they participate in their next sparring session.

  • Low-quality or worn-out boxing gloves can not only lead to an increase in injuries, but it can also negatively affect a young boxer's technique. 
  • Without proper protection, their hands and wrists may become weak or misaligned and they may develop bad habits while throwing punches. 
  • Low-quality gloves often lack padding, leading to increased pain and bruising during sparring sessions. 

Investing in high-quality kids' boxing gloves not only helps to keep young boxers safe, but it also sets them up for long-term success in the sport. Plus, with proper care and maintenance, a good pair of gloves can last for years to come. So when it comes to kids' boxing equipment, never skimp on quality. The benefits far outweigh the cost.

4. Budget -

When it comes to boxing and other forms of combat sports, safety is always a priority. This is especially true for young participants, who may not have the experience or strength to effectively protect themselves in the ring. But not all boxing gloves are created equal - the budget you're willing to spend on kids' gloves can have a significant impact on their level of protection depending on what they are using them for e.g. bag work or sparring.

  • Cheaper gloves may be made with lower-quality materials, leading to an increased likelihood of damage and decreased shock absorption. 
  • Investing in high-quality kids' boxing gloves not only ensures that your young boxer will be protected - it also demonstrates a commitment to their overall well-being and success in the sport. 
  • On the other hand, expensive gloves may have added padding and support, but they can also limit movement and flexibility. 

Ultimately, finding the right budget for boxing gloves means considering both cost and function in order to make an informed decision.

Boxing gloves for kids - safety tips:

  1. The fit should be snug, but not so tight that it impedes movement or circulation.  
  2. Make sure they are easy to put on and encourage Hand Wraps underneath the gloves for added protection.
  3. Look for gloves with shock-absorbent padding, especially in the knuckles and thumb area.  
  4. Replace worn or torn gloves immediately to avoid injury.  
  5. Make sure the gloves have wrist support to prevent sprains or breaks. 

Different types of gloves

When it comes to boxing, there are two main different types of gloves that kids can use - bag gloves and sparring gloves. Each type of glove serves a different purpose, so it's important to know which one is right for your child.

Bag gloves are the most basic type of glove and are typically used for training purposes only. They are generally made from a lighter material and don't offer much protection.

Sparring gloves on the other hand, are designed for actual sparring sessions. They are usually made from a heavier material and offer more padding to protect the hands and wrists to protect both fighters.

So, which type of glove is right for your child? 

If they're just starting out, bag gloves are a good option. However, if they're going to be sparring or competing, then they'll need to use either sparring gloves/competition gloves.

Laces vs Hook & Loop:

Kids' boxing gloves come in two distinct styles: ones with laces for tying, and those equipped with Velcro straps. Each have their own advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately it's up to each individual fighter which type they prefer in order bring out their best performance.

Lace-up gloves can be adjusted to fit more snugly around the hand, which some boxers prefer. They also tend to be more affordable than strap gloves. However, lace-up gloves can be more difficult to put on and take off, which can be a problem for young children.

Strap gloves, on the other hand, are easier to put on and take off and requires no help to put on. They also tend to stay in place better during a boxing match. However, they can be more expensive than lace-up gloves and may not fit as snugly around the hand.

Which one should your child use?

It really depends on their personal preference. If they are still learning how to put on and take off gloves, then strap gloves may be a better option especially if they are just using the gloves for bags. Reddit offers other people's opinions for their advice and information for the pros and cons of lace up vs strap up from previous experience.

Top 5 Boxing gloves for kids:

1. Ringside Junior Training Glove

f you're in search of a comfortable and functional boxing glove for sparring and competition, consider Ringside Boxing gloves. These gloves are specifically crafted with essential features to ensure optimal comfort during intense bouts. The breathable mesh palms allow for air to flow freely into the glove, keeping you cool and ventilating the heat generated during training sessions. This not only enhances your comfort but also improves grip and overall hygiene.

  • Made from quality Cow Hide leather
  • Velcro fastening wrist strap
  • Renowned Ringside quality gloves for younger boxers
  • Price - £60

- Colours Available: Black, Blue, Red

- Sizes Available: 8 Ounce

2. Bytomic Red Label 

For the past 20 years, Bytomic has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of fitness and martial arts products. Today, the company is widely recognized as one of the largest suppliers of premium gear and equipment in the United Kingdom. Bytomic's commitment to quality and excellence has contributed significantly to its reputation as a leading industry player.

  • Provides excellent protection
  • Extra dense foam padding for maximum shock absorption
  • Super Mesh breathable palm helps keep you cool whilst training
  • Fully attached thumb to minimise risk of thumb injury
  • Practical, easy hook & loop closure with superior wrist protection.
  • Available in 4, 6, 8oz
- Colours Available: Black, Black/White, Red, Blue

3. Fumetsu Shield Kids Boxing Gloves

Great news for young boxers and martial artists as Fumetsu Shield Boxing Gloves are now available for kids! These versatile gloves are specifically designed to offer optimal protection and durability to young fighters during their training and sparring sessions. With a combination of high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, Fumetsu Shield Boxing Gloves provide the perfect balance of comfort, flexibility, and protection, ensuring that your child can train with confidence and focus on improving their technique.

  • Embossed Fumetsu Combat logo on the wrist

  • Hook and loop strap closure for easy adjustment

  • Soft touch matte synthetic leather finish

  • Injection moulded core

  • Breathable mesh palm area to keep hands cool

  • Sizes available: 4oz, 6oz and 8oz

  • Colours available: Black/Black, Black/Green, Black/White, Black/Red

4. Venum Razor Kids Boxing Gloves

The Venum Razor boxing gloves bring optimal protection and comfort to your bouts. With their triple density foam, they cushion the impact of each punch while providing extra support for joints. Also featuring a ventilation system which allows sweat to escape easily, these gloves are sure to help you stay cool in heated battles inside the ring!

- Colours Available: Black

- Sizes Available: 4 Oz, 6 Oz, 8 Oz

  • 100% premium PU
  • Triple density foam for optimal shock absorption
  • Micro-perforated coating for optimal ventilation
  • Thumb attached for added injury protection
  • Reinforced seams for increased durability
  • Wide Velcro closure for good support

5. Top Ten Kids Boxing Gloves

The Top Ten Kids Boxing Gloves have been specifically designed for the youngest martial artists. The high-quality padding made of IMF foam is modelled on the natural shape of the fist and supports the young athletes in the correct hand position. The hook and loop wrist fastening helps to keep the glove secure and the stabilisation system in the wrist helps to reduce injury. 

Top Ten has used a sweat-wicking and cooling polyester lining ensuring the gloves stay comfortable throughout training.

  • Fixed thumb
  • High quality IMF foam
  • Robust cover made of synthetic leather
  • Innovative ventilation system
  • Available in 6 and 8oz

Recommended Brands of Kid-Friendly Boxing Gloves - If your little puncher is looking for the perfect gloves, look no further! TopTen, Venum, Bytomic and Ringside have you covered with their top-notch protection and wide variety of sizes from kids to adults. With these reliable brands on your side there’s nothing stopping a knockout performance in the ring!

Lastly, cleaning & maintaining your gloves:

Washing your gloves by hand is the best way to clean them. It's also the most gentle method, so it won't damage the gloves.

First, you'll want to remove the laces from the gloves. Then, turn them inside out and rinse them with cold water. Use a mild soap, anti bacterial spray or a special boxing glove cleaner to clean the inside of the gloves. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly. Once they're clean, you can turn the gloves right side out and stuff them with newspaper. This will help them keep their shape while they dry. Hang the gloves up to air dry, we would recommend trying not using a clothes dryer to dry them as it will increase the risk of damage to the gloves. 

Cleaning your boxing gloves with apple cider vinegar is a great way to get them clean and smelling fresh. Apple cider vinegar is a natural cleaner and disinfectant, and it will remove any dirt or bacteria from your gloves. Plus, the apple cider vinegar smell will dissipate quickly, leaving your gloves with a fresh scent. Follow these simple steps to clean your boxing gloves with apple cider vinegar: 

  1. Pour 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar into a small bowl or cup.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and then rub it all over the surface of the gloves. 
  3. Let the gloves sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse them off with warm water.


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Protect Your Little Fighter with the Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves

Sports Fitness explains in more detail the potential benefits of involvement for kids in boxing!

To sum it up, the safety of your children must be your top priority and a pair of good quality boxing gloves for kids can guarantee a better experience. Boxing as an activity is also good for mental and physical health, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t introduce it to them.

In addition to researching different brands and models of boxing gloves you should also bear in mind key factors like support level, ventilation performance and overall absorbs shock well when comparing different pairs. Of course time taken to coach your children before accessing any fight sport is necessary to decide which disciplines would suit their age and skill levels best.

Ultimately the parental guide intends to assure that all parents know the wide range of options available when buying a pair of boxing gloves for kids, furthermore providing valuable advice on how to choose a pair suitable for kids so their experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Boxing Gloves for Kids: Frequently Asked Questions

Are kids boxing gloves different to adult gloves

Yes, kids' boxing gloves are different from adult gloves. They are usually smaller in size, lighter in weight, and designed to fit a child's hand and wrist properly. Kids' gloves also have different padding to ensure that their hands are protected while training or sparring. Additionally, kids' gloves may come in brighter colors or with fun designs to appeal to children.

Ensuring room for Hand Wraps

Ensuring room for hand wraps when buying kids boxing gloves is important for protection and comfort. Hand wraps are essential for protecting the hands and wrists from injuries, and gloves that are too tight can reduce the effectiveness of the hand wraps. Proper fitting is also necessary for comfort, and gloves that allow for hand wraps ensure a snug fit while providing the necessary support.

Is it better to go for a size up or down in boxing gloves

When it comes to choosing the right size of boxing gloves, it's important to consider a few factors, including your hand size, the type of training you'll be doing, and whether you'll be wearing hand wraps underneath. For beginners, it's generally better to err on the side of getting a size bigger rather than smaller, especially if you plan to use hand wraps. This is because hand wraps can add extra bulk to your hands.