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Best BJJ Gi for Beginners: Our Top 5 Picks Ranked

Black Fumetsu BJJ Gi


Gear Up for Success

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that has been gaining popularity around the world in recent years. It is a physically demanding sport that requires a lot of focus, dedication, and training. One of the essential pieces of equipment in Jiu Jitsu is the Gi, which is the traditional uniform worn during training and competition.

For beginners, choosing the right Gi can be a daunting task. There are many options available, each with their unique features and specifications. As we move into 2024, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the world of Jiu Jitsu.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 Jiu Jitsu Gi's for beginners which will consider factors such as durability, comfort, fit, and price to provide a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision. Whether you are new to Jiu Jitsu or a seasoned practitioner, having a reliable Gi is essential to your success in the sport. 

We will review some of the best options available on the market and provide you with insights that will help you choose the perfect Gi for your needs. So, let's dive in and explore the top 5 Jiu Jitsu Gi's for beginners in 2024.

“If you ask me what belt I am today I’ll answer you that I’m still a white belt who never gave up” - Jean Jaques Machado

FUMETSU BJJ Gi; White, Black, blue, Grey, Khaki

With so many brands and styles on the market, it can be challenging to know which ones are worth investing in. That's why we've put together a list of the top five Jiu Jitsu Gis, featuring some of the most renowned brands in the industry, including Scramble, Fumetsu, Kingz, and Tatami. Each brand has its unique features and benefits, making it easier for you to find the perfect Gi that suits your needs and preferences. So, let's dive into the world of BJJ Gis and explore some of the best options available

Ranked - Top 5 Jiu Jitsu Gi's

1. Fumetsu Shield M2 Mens BJJ Gi

Looking for the perfect Jiu Jitsu Gi for beginners? 

What better way to kick off your Jiu Jitsu journey than with the Fumetsu Shield Gi? This popular Gi has just gotten even better with the new MK2 version, featuring updated FUMETSU logos and custom interior taping.

Created with beginners in focus, this BJJ Gi is perfect for practitioners at any stage, whether you're just starting out or already hold a black belt.

Crafted from sturdy yet lightweight materials, both the jacket and trousers guarantee a comfortable and supportive fit, allowing you to focus on your training without feeling weighed down.

You can find the Fumetsu Shield Gi in sizes tailored for Men, Women, and Kids.

Colour Options: in Black, White, Navy, Khaki and Grey

Size Options: A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4

Fumetsu is a BJJ brand that focuses on producing high-quality gear for martial arts enthusiasts. The brand offers a wide range of products, including Gis, rash guards, shorts, and accessories that are designed to provide both durability and comfort during training and competition.

2. Progress The Academy BJJ Gi

Progress is a well-established Jiu Jitsu brand that has been in the market since the summer of 2012, originating from Manchester, England.

Lightweight and durable, both the jacket and trousers are crafted for optimal comfort and long-lasting performance, with a 375GSM jacket and 8 Oz ripstop trousers.

While hailed as the best Jiu Jitsu Gi for beginners, this gi is also IBJJF Competition Legal, meeting all requirements for official tournaments, providing you with the opportunity to compete and set your sights on achieving your goals.

Adding to its appeal for beginners, this gi comes with a free White belt Included, a feature often sought after by those starting out.

Colour Options: Black, White, Blue

Size Options: A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4, A5

Note: Please make sure to consult the size chart to ensure you select the perfect gi size for your requirements.

3. Fumetsu Ghost V-Lite BJJ Gi

This leads us to our third top pick for BJJ Gi for beginners, featuring the latest release from Fumetsu.

This brand-new Gi is specifically tailored for beginners, and the good news is that it's their lightest gi yet, boasting a 275gsm pearlweave cotton jacket and cotton ripstop pants.

The triple-reinforced stitching at stress points ensures that the Gi remains durable, no matter how intense your grappling sessions become.

Fumetsu has truly excelled in delivering an aesthetically pleasing minimalist design with contrast stitching and embroidered shoulder patches.

And yes, this beginner's gi comes complete with a free white belt, ensuring you're equipped for your first session!

Colour Options: Black/Yellow, Navy, White/Black

Size Options: A1, AL1, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4, A5

4. Kingz Kore BJJ Gi

Kingz stands out as one of the heavyweights in the game. But don't let their towering reputation intimidate you, especially if you're just starting out. Kingz caters to all levels, with the belief that it's not where you begin your journey, but where you end up that truly matters.

Their gi features a 375 GSM Micro Pearl Weave Jacket paired with 8 oz Cotton Pants, striking a balance between durability and comfort that's essential for every practitioner.

For beginners, extra protection is not a bad thing that's why Kingz includes double knee padding in their gi, for takedowns and ground transitions without sacrificing agility.

With a 6-loop cord drawstring, Kingz ensures your gi stays securely fastened, giving you one less thing to worry about when you're focused on perfecting your technique.

Colour Options: Black, Blue, White

Size Options: A0, A1, AL1, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4 (refer to size chart)

5. Manto Base 2.0 BJJ Gi

Stepping onto the scene in 2004, Manto quickly made a name for itself in both MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With a reputation built on outstanding quality and widespread acclaim, Manto is a brand that commands respect.

While this gi may come with a slightly higher price tag, it's for good reason. Crafted from premium 400 GSM Pearl Weave Fabric and boasting 10oz Cotton Twill Pants, it's clear that Manto spares no expense when it comes to quality and durability.

One standout feature of this gi is its super-fast-drying EVA Foam Filled Collar. In the heat of training, sweat is inevitable, but with this innovative collar, moisture buildup is a thing of the past. Grapplers know staying dry and comfortable is crucial during their sessions!

Colour Options: Black

Sizes Options: A0, A1, A2, A3

Materials and Durability

There are several types of materials used to make BJJ gi's, each with its own characteristics and level of durability. Here are some of the most common materials used in BJJ gi's and why they are used:

  1. Cotton: Cotton is the most common material used in Jiu Jitsu gi's. It is comfortable, breathable, and durable, which makes it ideal for training and competition. Cotton gi's can withstand repeated washing and can last for several years with proper care.

  2. Pearl Weave: Pearl weave is a type of cotton that is woven tightly to create a dense, strong fabric. This makes it ideal for BJJ gi's, as it is both lightweight and durable. Pearl weave gi's are comfortable to wear and can withstand repeated washing without losing their shape or color.

  3. Gold Weave: Gold weave is a type of cotton that is woven more densely than pearl weave, which makes it even more durable. Gold weave Jiu Jitsu gi's are heavier than pearl weave gi's, but they are also more resistant to tearing and stretching. They are a popular choice for serious competitors who want a gi that can withstand the rigors of training and competition.

  4. Ripstop: Ripstop is a synthetic material that is used in some BJJ gi's. It is lightweight, breathable, and resistant to tearing, which makes it ideal for competition gi's. Ripstop gi's are also popular among travelers, as they are easy to pack and do not wrinkle.

  5. Hemp: Hemp is a natural fiber that is becoming more popular in BJJ gi's. It is lightweight, breathable, and durable, and it is also eco-friendly. Hemp gi's are more expensive than cotton gi's, but they are also more sustainable and can last for several years with proper care.

In general, beginner BJJ gi's are made with materials that are durable, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The choice of material depends on the manufacturer and the intended use of the gi. Serious competitors may prefer a heavier, more durable gi, while recreational practitioners may prefer a lighter, more comfortable gi.

Best Beginner Gi for Women

Fumetsu Shield MK2 Womens BJJ GI

The MK2 Women's Gi stands out as an exceptional choice for beginners, offering remarkable value for its price. 

It’s not only ideal for those just starting out but also caters to practitioners across all skill levels, from white to black belt.

This gi features a jacket and trousers crafted to be enduring and light, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit tailored for women.

Additionally, it comes with a complimentary white belt.

Below you will find the sizing guide chart provided for the Fumetsu Shield MK2 BJJ Gi for women. Please refer to this chart to ensure that you select the correct size for the best fit.

Fumetsu Shield MK2 BJJ Gi for women size chart

Navigating the World of BJJ Gi's: Your FAQs Answered

How to wash a Kimono

The best way to wash a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, as the washing instructions can vary by brand. However, the following general tips can help keep your Gi in good condition: Pre-treat any stains or heavily soiled areas with a stain remover or laundry detergent. Wash your Gi in cold water to prevent shrinkage and fading. Use a mild laundry detergent without bleach or fabric softeners, which can damage the fabric and affect its performance. Avoid washing your Gi with other clothing, especially items with zippers or buttons that can snag and damage the fabric. Hang dry your Gi, either outside in the sun or indoors, away from direct heat sources, to prevent shrinking. By following these guidelines, you can help extend the lifespan of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi and keep it looking and performing at its best.

What are the size measurements for Gi's?

BJJ Gi's are available in various sizes, which are typically denoted by a combination of letters and numbers. The most common size measurements for BJJ Gi's include A1-A4, M1-M4, and F1-F4. The "A" sizes are typically used for adult male practitioners, with A1 being the smallest size and A4 being the largest. The "M" sizes are also used for adult male practitioners, but they are often used for Gis that are designed to be more fitted or tailored. The "F" sizes are used for female practitioners, with F1 being the smallest size and F4 being the largest. It's also worth noting that most BJJ Gi's will shrink slightly after washing, so it's recommended to wash and dry them before trying them on for the first time to ensure an accurate fit.

How many Gi's should I own?

The number of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis one should own depends on several factors such as their training frequency, level of experience, and personal preferences. Generally, it is recommended to own at least two Gis to avoid the inconvenience of training in a damp or dirty Gi while the other is being washed or dried. For individuals who train frequently or competitively, owning three to four Gis is recommended. This allows for proper rotation of Gis during training and helps prevent wear and tear from excessive washing and drying. Beginners or casual practitioners may only need one or two Gis, depending on how often they train. As their training frequency increases, they may want to consider adding another Gi to their collection. For individuals who travel frequently for training or competition, it may be beneficial to have a spare Gi in case of unexpected delays or lost luggage.

Jiu Jitsu Gi's for Competition

In general, most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) competitions have specific rules and regulations regarding the type and color of Gis that can be used. It's important to check the rules of the specific competition you plan to participate in before selecting a Gi. Typically, competition Gis must meet certain requirements such as a specific color, material, and size. Some competitions may also have requirements for the thickness of the Gi's collar, the number of patches allowed, and the location of the patches on the Gi. Therefore, it's recommended to choose a BJJ Gi that complies with the competition rules to avoid any issues during the competition.

What Exactly Is A Gi Weave?

A Gi weave refers to the way the fabric is woven to make a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Gi. The most common weaves used in BJJ Gis are single weave, double weave, and gold weave. Single weave Gis are lighter, cooler, and more flexible, making them popular for training in hot weather or during intense workouts. However, they are less durable than other weaves and can tear easily. Double weave Gis are made of two layers of fabric, making them heavier and more durable than single weave Gis. They are ideal for colder climates or for more intense training sessions. Gold weave Gis are a hybrid of single and double weave Gis, combining the lightweight and flexibility of the single weave with the durability of the double weave. They are a popular choice for competition because they offer both comfort and durability. Ultimately, the type of Gi weave you choose will depend on your personal preference and the intended use of the Gi. It's important to choose a Gi that meets your needs and is comfortable for you to wear during training or competition.