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Womens Tae Kwon Do Uniforms

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Women’s Tae kwon do Uniforms

At Made4Fighters we are proud to offer an extensive range of women’s martial arts uniforms, including a wide range of taekwondo uniforms. We are committed to offering only the best in terms of quality, so widely trusted brands in the industry and who we look to for the latest in innovations and engineering in our martial arts apparel & equipment. You’ll see brands like MootoBytomic and Top Ten appear again and again in categories across the site.

Why does a taekwondo uniform have a v-neck?

Tae kwon do was first practiced in Korea, where it got its name. “Tae” means foot, “kwon” meaning fist and do meaning of, so “the way of the foot and the fist”. Taekwondo uniforms have derived from karate gi, and evolved over time to the typical v-neck tae kwon do suit we see today. Unlike many other martial arts uniforms that typically have a wrap around top, the v-neck shape is a staple on the taekwondo uniform and that is what makes it unique to this martial arts discipline. This means that tae kwon do fighters can execute strikes without concern that their uniform will open at this top, disrupting their flexibility of movement.

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