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Boxing Mitts

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What are Boxing mitts?

Boxing mitts, also known as punch mitts, are padded gloves that are used in boxing training. They are held by a trainer or coach and can be used for various punch combinations and defense drills. When hitting the mitts, the boxer is able to practice proper form, technique, and speed without causing injury to their partner. Punch mitts are also commonly used for conditioning exercises, such as punch-outs or punch intervals. Overall, punch mitts play an important role in boxing training as they allow for safe and effective punch practice to take you to your A game!

While some may associate punch mitts with boxing, they can also be a valuable tool for athletes looking to improve their strength and endurance. Punch mitts require constant movement and provide resistance against punches, helping to build muscular endurance and power. 

Vegan Punch Mitts

When it comes to boxing mitts, the material used is often overlooked. Many punch mitts are made with leather, but looking for options that are vegan can help you steer clear of animal products while still getting a reliable and durable training tool. Vegan mitts are typically made with synthetic materials, such as vinyl and microfiber, which offer just as much flexibility and shock absorption as traditional leather punch mitts. In addition, vegan options may be easier to clean and maintain since they do not absorb sweat and moisture in the same way that leather punch mitts do. 

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Choosing the right size

Many people might assume that all boxing mitts are the same size, but that's not quite true. Punch mitts come in a range of sizes to accommodate various hand sizes and training needs. Small punch mitts are often used by children or individuals with smaller hands, while medium punch mitts are the most commonly used size for adults. Large punch mitts are typically reserved for athletes with larger hands, while Extra large punch mitts can be used for specific exercises or techniques that require more surface area to hit. 

Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

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