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Jiu Jitsu Gi's

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Jiu Jitsu Gi's for Men, Women & Kids

The Jiu Jitsu Gi, also known as a kimono, is the traditional uniform worn for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The Gi helps to provide grip for practitioners and allows for a wider range of techniques. In addition to the Gi, practitioners of BJJ use colorful belts to indicate their level of expertise. These belts range from white (for beginners) to Black/Red (for experts). Other equipment often used in BJJ includes mouthguards, rash guards, hand wraps, and compression shorts. Despite the necessary gear, one of the greatest aspects of BJJ is that it can be practiced almost anywhere with minimal equipment. All you really need is an open space and a willing partner. So don't let a lack of gear stop you from trying out this incredible martial art. Give it a try - you won't regret it.

For those unfamiliar with Jiu Jitsu, it can be a little overwhelming to think about the equipment necessary for practicing the martial art. It is important to have protective gear such as mouthguards and groin cups to ensure safety during sparring sessions. Other common equipment used in Jiu Jitsu includes training mats for practicing techniques, grip pads for gripping an opponent's Gi or limb without injuring your fingers, and tapes for wrapping wrist or thumb injuries. While many of these items may seem small or insignificant, they all play an essential role in helping Jiu Jitsu practitioners safely hone their skills.

BJJ Gi Sizes:

For those new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, finding the right Gi can be a daunting task. Not only do BJJ Gis come in various colours and brands, but they also come in different sizes. For men, the standard sizes range from A0, the smallest, to A6, the largest, all depending on size and weight of the fighter. For women, Gis are typically labelled with F (for female) in front of the size number, with F1 being the smallest and F4 being the largest. With extended size ranges e.g. F2C which is for someone with a wider chest or F2L for someone who is looking for a longer Gi. As for children's sizes, these are usually labelled with a M, ranging from M0 to M6 for kids. It's important to find a Gi that fits properly - too big and it may get in the way during training; too small and it may restrict movement or rip easily.

Jiu Jitsu Gi's Sizing chart

Kids sizes: Female sizes: Male sizes:
M0000: 90cm - 100cm F1: 152cm -158cm A0: 152cm -155cm
M000: 100cm - 110cm F1L: 155cm - 160cm A1: 158cm - 168cm
M00: 110cm - 120cm F2: 158cm - 165cm A2: 168cm - 180cm
M0: 120cm - 130cm F2C: 158cm - 165cm A2L: 181cm - 183cm
M1: 130cm - 140cm F2L: 160 - 168cm A2H: 168cm - 180cm
M2: 140cm - 150cm F3: 160cm - 170cm A3: 180cm -186cm
M3: 150cm - 160cm F3C: 160cm - 170cm A3L: 189cm - 195cm
M4: 160cm - 170cm F3L: 165cm-170cm A3H: 180cm - 186cm
F4: 168cm - 172cm A4: 183cm - 195cm

Womens Notes:

C - Chest is wider, side vents are longer

L - Pants are longer than as is the wingspan

Mens Notes:

L - Longer

H - Heavy

BJJ Gi Materials

When shopping for a BJJ Gi, you may come across various fabric options. Single weave is a lightweight option that offers minimal resistance and is often preferred by beginners.

-Double weave is heavier and more durable, making it popular among advanced practitioners who want to withstand grueling training sessions.

-Gold weave falls somewhere in between single and double weave in terms of weight and durability. Pearl weave is one of the most popular choices as it combines the strengths of both single and double weave, offering a sturdy feel without extra bulk.

-Ripstop fabrics are designed specifically to resist tearing and are often incorporated into collars or lapels for added reinforcement. Finally, some brands offer Gis made from hemp weave, an environmentally-friendly fabric that is known for its strength and durability.

Ultimately, the right material for you will depend on personal preferences and desired level of competition-readiness. But no matter what Gi you choose, remember to train hard and keep practicing those techniques!

Pre Washed?

When it comes to buying a BJJ Gi, many people are faced with a choice between pre washed and non pre washed options.

So, what exactly is the difference?

A pre washed Gi has gone through the washing and shrinking process before being sold, meaning it will fit the same way at home as it did in the store. However, pre washed Gis tend to be more expensive and may not shrink as much over time. On the other hand, a non pre washed Gi may have a looser fit initially, but can be customized through repetitive washing and shrinking to achieve the perfect fit for the individual. Fumetsu Gis offer the added convenience of being pre-washed, meaning they will not shrink after washing like some other brands might.

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