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Century BOB Freestanding Punchbag: Buying Guide

Century BOB Punch Bag Buying Guide

Whether you’re an experienced martial artist or just getting started, chances are there will come a time when you need to invest in the most important of training equipment: a punching bag.

For one, you really can’t just run out and start hitting things-- or people. So, you’ll need a bag... and not just any bag.

One of our top-rated products, The Century Bob Free Standing Punch Bag may strike fear into the hearts of your children, but it could also be the best sparring partner you’ll ever have. There’s no denying that good ol’ BOB is one heck of an investment, so we’ve given you the low-down on everything you need to know before bringing this lovable lug home with you.

Century BOB Torso Training Bag Vs. Heavy Bag

One of the most common questions customers have before purchasing is how this punch bag differs from the Century BOB alternative: a traditional heavy bag. While the human-like “skin” and gnarly snarl are obvious, Bobby boy has many other characteristics that separate him from the pack. Here is our comparison of the two:


One of the commonly discussed cons about a Century BOB body opponent bag is that there is less resistance than a heavy bag. However, it definitely depends what weight you’re used to training on. Our opinion is that it feels a bit like a cross between hitting a 30-40 pound bag and hitting mitts. The Bob offers a resistance between the two but you can punch through it. When digging into the body, BOB holds his base pretty well. Almost as if you’re hitting a solid body with a small amount of give.


One thing BOB has going for him is mobility. An empty Century BOB weighs about 22 kg and around 122 when filled with water or sand. Meaning that, unlike a heavy bag that is fixed to the ceiling, you can move the BOB where you’d like when empty.


The advantages of striking a human-shaped target are fairly obvious if you ever plan to compete. The realistic body form allows you to target areas as you would on a opponent. This kind of realistic targeting (not to mention mere satisfaction of striking a human form) simply cannot be gained from mitts or heavy bag work. The lifelike characteristics of the Century BOB will allow you to practice liver shots, uppercuts and solar plexus in a more realistic manner.

Additionally, unlike most human opponents, BOB is highly customizable. You can easily adjust the height in order to practice specific techniques depending upon the height of your opponent. 

You can also remove the torso altogether and use Century BOB without his base as a grappling dummy. Use him to practice your ground pound and throws to your heart's content.

However, one of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t swing back at you the same way a heavy bag does. As the Century BOB (or any freestanding punch bag) is not suspended in the air, it will not swing towards you in the same way a heavy bag does.


The BOB is constructed of high-strength plastisol, meaning that it is just as long-lasting, if not more so, than a heavy bag.

The material used to construct BOB is soft, meaning that it doesn’t hurt your foot or hands when throwing kicks, and you shouldn’t have to wear shin guards or other protective gear.

Which Kind of Century BOB Punch Bag is Right for You?

There are a few different BOB models that vary in size and price. Which one you choose ultimately depends upon your size, available space, and fighting style/training requirements. All of that is to say, don’t just go acquainting BOB size with your masculinity. Do some research beforehand to decide which Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag is best for you.

Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag (Classic Model)

The classic BOB model will run you about £300 full-price and includes the torso and freestanding base. Like the other models, it can be filled with water or sand. When fully filled it weighs in at about 122 kg (19 stone). This likely sounds like a lot, although the base does lift slightly when you deliver a powerful kick, so be careful of what you throw (or kick) at BOB.

The mannequin is smaller than the BOB XL at: 30" x 22" x 12" and features seven adjustable heights that range from 60” to 78.” The adjustable heights are awesome as it lets you practice delivering strikes to opponents of different heights.

Century BOB XL

The Century BOB XL is pretty much the same as the classic model in terms of build and quality. The life-like material used to construct the punch bags is consistent among all BOB models. However, as the name suggests, in terms of size the BOB XL is much larger than the classic model.

The body has been extended downwards, so BOB XL has a pair of upper uni-thighs. Which kind of makes him look like an angry merman, but is also great for throwing instep and groin kicks as there is more surface area to work with.

The only slight downside of BOB XL’s size is that the base is the same size as the classic model. Same base, but more BOB make him a bit on the unstable side if you throw really heavy punches/kicks.

So, if you’re looking for something that will let you try out a few extra techniques, the Century BOB XL is likely the way to go.

Century BOB Junior

Sometimes lovingly referred to as Century Bobby Bully, the Century BOB Junior is the kid’s version of the classic BOB model. Depending on your child’s chosen martial arts discipline.

BOB Junior is great for at-home training, or just a great way to spend some energy. Unlike most kids martial arts sparring partners, BOB won’t hit your child back.

The material is softer and gentler on hands than the adult version (or most other punch bags), making it perfect for teaching young children. Additionally, with anatomically proportionate features, BOB Junior is great for learning accuracy and proper technique, as well as practicing self-defence.

With two height adjustments (4ft2 to 4ft7), BOB will grow with your kiddo, so he’s sure to be a cherished addition to your home for years to come.

Suitable Martial Arts for Training with the Century B.O.B.

The Century BOB (Body Opponent Bag) punch dummy is versatile and well-suited for a variety of martial arts. Here are some key points regarding its utility in different martial arts:


– High and Low Strikes: BOB's human-like form allows for practicing both high (head, chest) and low (abdomen, legs) strikes.

– Combination Drills: Ideal for practicing punch-kick combinations and flowing between different techniques.

– Distance Control: Helps in understanding and maintaining the right distance for various kickboxing strikes.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

– Striking Techniques: Useful for honing punches, elbows, knees, and some kicking techniques.

– Clinch Work: The shape and size of BOB allow for practicing clinch techniques, including knee strikes.

– Ground-and-Pound: Can be laid down for practicing ground-and-pound techniques, although with some limitations due to its upright design.

Muay Thai

– Elbow and Knee Strikes: Its human-like torso is excellent for practicing Muay Thai's signature elbow and knee strikes.

– Teep (Push Kick) Training: Effective for practicing the teep, aiming at the torso for push-back control.

– Head and Body Strikes: The head and body structure of BOB is great for targeting specific areas with punches and kicks, replicating Muay Thai's focus on precision striking.

In all these martial arts, the Century BOB punch dummy offers a realistic target and can withstand repeated, heavy strikes, making it a valuable tool for practitioners looking to improve their technique, power, and accuracy.

Century BOB kick

Bringing Home the BOB

To BOB or not to BOB is ultimately up to you. But, as discussed earlier, you’ll need some sort of bag sooner or later. If beating up a human-looking dummy is at all appealing to you, or if you want to improve precision and targeted attacks, investing in a Century BOB or Century BOB XL probably isn’t a bad idea. Additionally, unlike a traditional heavy bag that you have to hang from the ceiling, BOB can be moved fairly easily, and doesn’t require much by way of instillation.

If you value the convenience of a free standing bag, as well as life-like characteristics and enhanced training opportunities, then a Century BOB body opponent bag is likely the right choice for you. 

Century BOB sparring dummy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Century BOB Punch Dummy

What does BOB stand for in "Century BOB"?

BOB stands for Body Opponent Bag. It's designed to resemble the upper torso and head of a human, providing a realistic training experience.

Can a Century BOB be used outside?

Yes, but with caution: While the Century BOB can be used outdoors, it should not be left exposed to the elements (sun, rain, etc.) for extended periods as this may damage the material.

How do I stop my Century BOB from moving?

Stabilisation Techniques:

  • Weighting the Base: Fill the base with water or sand for added stability.
  • Non-slip Mats: Place on a non-slip mat to reduce movement.
  • Positioning: Keep it on a flat, even surface to minimise tipping.

What can I fill Century BOB with?

Filling Options:

  • Water: Easier to fill and remove, but less stable.
  • Sand: More stable and heavy, providing better resistance but more difficult to fill and empty.

Is the Century BOB better than a punch bag?

The Century BOB and a traditional punch bag serve different purposes in training. The Century BOB offers a human-like target, making it more suitable for precision training and practicing specific strikes aimed at certain body parts. In contrast, a punch bag is better suited for general conditioning, endurance training, and practicing power strikes, as it allows for a wider range of movements and techniques.

Can you kick the Century BOB?

Yes: It's designed for both punching and kicking, including lower body strikes.

What is Century BOB made of?

Material: Primarily composed of high-strength rubber, making it durable and able to absorb and withstand repeated strikes.

Can a boxing bag get wet?

Caution Advised: While some bags are water-resistant, consistent exposure to water can damage the material and affect durability. It's best to keep them dry and indoors.

How do you clean a Century BOB?

1. Wipe Down: Use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe the surface.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Don't use abrasive cleaners as they can damage the rubber.

3. Dry Thoroughly: Ensure it's completely dry before storing to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Are Century Bobs good?

Century Bobs are highly regarded in the martial arts and boxing communities for their realistic human features, durability, and versatility. They are used for practicing strikes, kicks, and various combat techniques. The lifelike design of Century Bobs allows for a more realistic training experience, making them a popular choice among practitioners of all levels.

What is a Bob mannequin in martial arts?

A Bob mannequin in boxing is a freestanding, human-shaped training device used by boxers and martial artists to simulate a real opponent. The "Bob" part of the name stands for "Body Opponent Bag." These mannequins typically feature a detailed human torso with a head, and they are mounted on a flexible base that can be filled with water or sand to keep them stable during training sessions. Bob mannequins are valued for their ability to provide a realistic target for practicing punches, strikes, and defensive maneuvers.