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Top-Rated Training Tank Tops for Athletes

Best Tank Tops

Over time, tank tops have become the preferred attire for gym workouts and many exercises, especially in boxing and various other sports, due to their comfort and practicality.

In a way, tank tops were made to be more visible in popular culture during the 1970s.

For example, some bodybuilding icons in those ages include those like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who donned it constantly, both in competition and in the media, thus enhancing its practicality and sense of style.

Schwarzenegger showed one of the significant effects in his documentary movie "Pumping Iron" in 1977, where the item was related to strength and fitness.

Few garments raise as much controversy as does a tank top, muscle tee, or, in popular parlance, a sleeveless T-shirt, with everyones different preferences.

And it's never a bad idea to have a couple of those sleeveless tees that you can wear right next to your favourite shorts when you are getting a serious sweat on or just chilling outside when that sun comes out!

We've gathered the best tank tops to keep you comfortable during the sweatiest gym sessions and intense combat sports training.

The Essentials of a Great Training Tank Top

- Moisture-wicking fabric: Keeps you dry by pulling sweat away from your skin.

- Breathable material: Ensures proper airflow to keep you cool.

- Stretchy and flexible: Allows for a full range of motion during workouts.

- Quick-drying: Reduces the time needed to get your gear ready for the next session.

- Anti-microbial properties: Reduces odor by preventing bacterial growth.

- UPF protection: Shields you from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities.

Venum Tank Top

Top Picks for Specific Training Needs

Different sports and activities may require specific features from your tank top. Here are some of the best options tailored for various athletic needs:

Venum Stone Dry-Tech Tank Top

Very free-breathing, the Dry-Tech tank top is a quick-drying material and comfortable to wear during any workout.

Though Venum was identified with fighting wear, its association with UFC raised its status to a new level and made it a popular fashion among fans, fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Ideal for exercising, it has a mix of polyester and elastane and is very comfortable with good freedom of movement. Its Dry Tech technology makes it cool and dries promptly.

The tank is loose, so if you want more fit from this one, take one size down.

Just a tip: Wash cool (30°c). Do not iron and do not tumble dry.

Colour Options: Green

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Material: 90% polyester / 10% elastane

Leone DNA Boxing Tank Top

The Boxing Tank Top from DNA is perfect for all those involved in the sport of boxing or simply anyone in need of a cool black and gold-sleeve tee.

This athletic-fit tank is crafted using performance fabric that delivers ultimate durability and flexibility.

The very embodiment of your fighting journey is in the DNA collection, which ranges from gloves to sweat towels, water bottles, fight equipment, and gear, giving you the option to match up your fitness wear.

Colour Options: Black/Gold

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Material: Polyester

Rival Elite Active Tank Top

If you're into high-intensity training, the Black Rival Elite Active Tank Top is a fantastic choice. Its moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabric means you can power through long workouts while staying fresh and dry.

If you appreciate a tapered design and ultralight fabric this could be a good option for you.

It's minimalist with subtle design and logos, offering a simple and understated look.

Part of the Rival Elite Line, it pairs perfectly with other collection items like the fitness t-shirt, training shorts, and compression leggings

Colour Options: Black

Size Options: S, M, L, XL

Material: Polyester

Venum Tempest 2.0 Dry-Tech Tank Top

If you're after a versatile tank top that blends style and function, especially for martial artists, the Venum Tempest 2.0 Dry-Tech Tank Top is a worth considering.

The metallic screen-printing adds a unique three-dimensional look and feel, making it stand out and available in two colours, it pairs perfectly with other items in their collection.

Venums dry tech technology and mesh inserts provide effective moisture management and can easily wick away perspiration.

Colour Options: Black/Grey, Black/Gold

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Material: 85% polyester / 15% elastane

Manto Overload Training Tank Top

The Manto Overload Training Tank Top is a hit with athletes, thanks to its performance fabric and athletic fit.

It has a unique basketball jersey style but is built to endure the toughest workouts.

What sets the Overload Training Tank Top apart is its distinctive design. The sublimated logo on the jersey adds a special touch that makes it stand out (see images below).

It's not just for training – this tank top is also a favourite for beach and summer days, offering comfort and style so you can proudly sport your brand.

Manto Tank Design
closer look at the Manto Tank Top design

Colour Options: Navy

Size Options: M, L, XL

Material: 100% polyester

Elevate Your Training with the Right Tank Top

Choosing the right tank top for your training means finding the perfect mix of comfort, functionality, and style. 

No matter if you're into boxing, martial arts, or just a fitness enthusiast, there's a tank top out there that’s tailored to meet your needs.

For a wide selection of top-rated training tank tops, visit Made4Fighters. Invest in the right tank top and experience the difference it can make in your training.


Can you wear a tank top in boxing?

Yes, tank tops are suitable for boxing workouts. They provide freedom of movement and help keep you cool during intense training sessions.

Are tank tops meant to be baggy?

Tank tops can vary in fit. Some are designed to be loose for comfort, while others have a more athletic, fitted style. Choose based on your personal preference and the type of activity you'll be doing.

What kind of tank top should I wear?

The best tank top depends on your needs. Look for moisture-wicking fabric for intense workouts, a comfortable fit, and a style that suits your personal taste. Consider specific designs for your sport, such as lightweight materials for running or durable fabrics for martial arts.