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New Arrival at Made4Fighters: Unveiling Pro-Box's Collection

Pro Box at Made4Fighters

Taylor Saipe |

Welcome to Made4Fighters, your premier destination for top-notch boxing equipment and apparel.

We are thrilled to introduce a new range of products from Pro-Box, a brand synonymous with quality and excellence in the world of boxing. With over 30 years of experience, Pro-Box has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of boxing equipment in the UK.

Today, we take a closer look at what this esteemed brand has to offer.

Pro-Box's Legacy and Commitment to Quality

Founded by Graham John Sussex, Pro-Box has been at the forefront of providing high-quality boxing equipment that meets the rigorous standards of the sport. The brand is committed to ensuring the safety and performance of amateur and professional boxers alike, adhering to the stringent guidelines set by the Amateur International Boxing Association (A.I.B.A). From boxing gloves to boxing boots, each product in Pro-Box's collection is crafted with precision, using only the finest materials.

Boxing Gloves

When it comes to boxing, the gloves are perhaps the most crucial piece of equipment. Pro-Box understands this, and that's why they offer a variety of gloves to suit different needs and preferences. The Pro-Box Pro-Spar Leather Boxing Gloves are a testament to the brand's dedication to quality. Made from premium leather, these gloves provide the perfect balance of comfort, protection, and durability.

  • Safety and Comfort: The gloves feature a secure fit and ample padding, ensuring that your hands are well-protected during intense training sessions and bouts.
  • Durability: Crafted with longevity in mind, these gloves are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, making them a wise investment for serious boxers.

At Made4Fighters, our inventory includes a diverse selection of Pro-Box gloves, spanning from more affordable options to premium choices. Typically, the cost of boxing gloves correlates with their quality, as higher-priced gloves tend to be crafted from superior materials and boast more meticulous construction.

Boxing Boots

A good pair of boxing boots is indispensable for maintaining balance and stability in the ring. Pro-Box offers a range of boots that cater to the unique needs of boxers. The Pro-Box Speed Lite Boxing Boots and Pro-Box Classic Boxing Boots are two standout options in their collection.

  • Lightweight Design: The Speed Lite Boxing Boots are designed to be lightweight, allowing for quick and agile movements.
  • Classic Comfort: The Classic Boxing Boots provide a timeless design with modern features, ensuring both style and functionality.

Protecting the Core: Pro-Box Pro-Spar Abdo Guard

In boxing, protecting your core is crucial. The Pro-Box Pro-Spar Abdo Guard is designed to offer maximum protection without compromising on comfort. Made from high-quality materials, this abdo guard ensures that you can focus on your performance, knowing that you are well-protected.

  • Ergonomic Design: The abdo guard is designed to fit comfortably, allowing for unrestricted movement.
  • Durable Protection: Made to last, this abdo guard provides reliable protection, training after training.

Head Guards: 

Safety in the ring is paramount, and Pro-Box takes this responsibility seriously. The Pro-Box Pro-Spar Head Guard is a shining example of their commitment to protecting boxers.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Designed to cover key areas, this head guard ensures that you are protected from all angles.
  • Adjustable Fit: With its customizable fit, the Pro-Spar Head Guard guarantees comfort and security, allowing you to focus on your training.

Boxing is not just about offense; defense is equally important. Pro-Box’s head guards are a testament to their dedication to providing comprehensive protection for boxers at all levels.

Training Accessories: Enhancing Your Boxing Experience

Pro-Box doesn’t just stop at gloves and protective gear; they also offer a range of accessories to elevate your training sessions. From speed sticks to hanging bag chains, they have everything you need to create a versatile and effective training environment.

  • Speed and Agility: The Pro-Box Speed Sticks are perfect for honing your reflexes and improving your hand-eye coordination.
  • Durability and Support: Their heavy-duty hanging bag chains ensure that your punching bag stays securely in place, no matter how intense your workout gets.

Training Gear: Bags, Wraps, and More

A boxer’s arsenal is incomplete without the right training gear. Pro-Box offers a variety of essentials, including training gym bags, hand wraps, and gel hand wraps. These products are designed to support your training journey from start to finish.

  • Convenience and Style: Their training gym bags are not just practical; they are also stylish, reflecting the brand’s attention to detail and understanding of a boxer’s needs.
  • Protection and Comfort: Pro-Box’s hand wraps and gel hand wraps provide an additional layer of protection, ensuring that your hands are safe and secure during training sessions.

Body Protectors: Ensuring Full-Body Safety

In addition to head guards and hand protection, Pro-Box also offers body protectors like the Pro-Box Heavy Hitters Coach Body Protector. This piece of equipment is crucial for coaches and trainers, ensuring their safety as they help boxers hone their skills.

  • Maximum Absorption: Designed to absorb the heaviest of punches, this body protector ensures that coaches can train their fighters safely and effectively.

Quality Assurance and Fair Pricing

Pro-Box is not just committed to providing top-notch boxing equipment; they are also dedicated to ensuring that their products meet the highest quality standards. Each item in their collection undergoes rigorous testing and comes with a Safety and Quality Assurance License, guaranteeing that you are receiving a product that is both safe and effective. 

Embracing the Pro-Box Variety: A World of Options

Pro-Box's extensive range doesn’t just stop at the essentials; it encompasses a variety of training equipment designed to cater to every boxer's unique needs. Their commitment to providing a comprehensive selection ensures that whether you’re an amateur boxer or a seasoned professional, you’ll find exactly what you need to excel in your training and competitions.

Punch Pads & Focus Mitts

The precision in training is crucial, and Pro-Box’s Punch Paddles are an excellent tool for honing your accuracy and speed. 

  • Accuracy and Speed: The Punch Paddles are designed to improve your precision, helping you land your punches right where you want them.
  • Protection and Support: Their hand wraps provide an additional layer of support, safeguarding your wrists and knuckles during intense training sessions.

    Wrapping Up: Pro-Box and Made4Fighters, a Winning Combination

    Pro-Box’s extensive range, combined with their dedication to innovation and excellence, ensures that every boxer has access to the gear they need to succeed.

    At Made4Fighters, we share Pro-Box’s passion for boxing and are committed to providing our customers with the best products and support. Explore our Pro-Box collection today, and take your training to the next level with gear that’s trusted by professionals and loved by boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Pro-Box equipment compare with other brands?

    Pro-Box equipment is known for its excellent balance of quality and affordability. While it may be priced a little cheaper than some other high-end brands, it does not compromise on the safety and performance that boxers need. The brand offers a wide range of products that cater to both beginners and professionals, ensuring that every boxer has access to quality equipment.

    Are Pro-Box gloves a good choice for beginners?

    Absolutely! Pro-Box gloves are an excellent choice for beginners. They provide the necessary support, protection, and comfort that new boxers need as they start their training journey. With a variety of models to choose from, beginners can find a pair of gloves that suits their style and preferences, all while staying within a reasonable budget.

    Where is Pro-Box Manufactured?

    Pro-Box is a proud UK-based brand, with its products being manufactured in various locations to ensure the highest quality standards. The brand’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its rigorous quality control processes, ensuring that every piece of equipment meets the stringent requirements of the boxing world.

    What colour varieties do Pro-Box offer?

    Pro-Box offers a range of colour options to suit different tastes, with their products mainly available in classic and bold colours such as black, blue, red, and gold. This variety ensures that boxers can express their personal style while benefiting from the high-quality design and materials that Pro-Box is known for.

    Are Pro-Box as good as Venum?

    While Pro-Box and Venum are both reputable brands in the boxing world, they cater to different segments of the market. Venum is known for its high-end, premium products and is often priced higher than Pro-Box. Pro-Box, on the other hand, offers a more affordable collection, making it a great option for those who are looking for quality equipment without the premium price tag. While it may not offer the same level of luxury as Venum, Pro-Box does not compromise on the safety, durability, and performance that boxers need, making it a reliable choice for many.