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New Arrivals: Leone Combat Gear Now Available

Leone Combat Sports Equipment

Exciting news for all combat sports enthusiasts and fighters! Made4Fighters, your trusted multi-brand store, is thrilled to announce the arrival of the latest Leone gear. Known for its exceptional quality and innovative designs, Leone 1974 continues to set the benchmark in combat sports equipment. 

From the precision of Leone boxing gear to the resilience of their MMA essentials, this new collection is designed to elevate your training to the next level.

The Latest Leone Gear

Leone 1974 is like the gold standard when it comes to boxing and MMA gear, and their latest stuff is just as awesome as we've come to expect. No matter if you're hitting the gym for the first time or you're already a pro, having the right gear can totally transform your training and how you perform.

Here at Made4Fighters, we're all about bringing you the freshest combat sport equipment from all the top brands. We've got something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned champs, and we make sure our prices reflect that mix.

Water Bottle

Keeping yourself watered is super important when you're pushing the limits in your workouts. That's why kicking off our latest Leone Combat gear and equipment roundup with the White Leone Sipper Water Bottle just makes sense. 

It's designed to fit right into your workout routine without any fuss. Plus, it's got this cool Vaporiser Technology, so you can spritz yourself with a refreshing mist in the middle of those intense Jiu Jitsu or MMA sessions.

It's made from tough LDPE material that can take a beating, making it a great pick for tossing in your gym bag or bringing to the ring. And it's not just for show – this bottle is Martial Arts Approved, which means it's perfect for Judo, MMA, or any combat sport you're into. It's all about boosting your performance and keeping you hydrated from start to finish.


Next up, we've brought in a whole bunch of towels that are just what you need for those sweaty workout moments. Leone really knows their stuff, even when it comes to something as simple as towels. 

The Black Leone DNA Gym Towel and their whole lineup of training and ring terry towels are super absorbent, so they're ideal for mopping up after those intense workout sessions.

Leone Punch Bags

No training room is complete without a durable punch bag. 

Leone's 27lbs and 7lbs Punch Bags are designed for fighters who demand the best in resilience and quality, ensuring you can go all out during your punching drills.

Double End Ball

For those looking to improve their speed and accuracy, the Black Leone Double End Ball is an indispensable tool. Its durable design guarantees it can withstand the most rigorous of workouts.

Speed Ball

For fighters looking to enhance their speed, reflexes, and timing, the Black Leone Speed Ball is an essential training tool. Its durable construction ensures it can keep up with the pace of your most rigorous sessions.

Leone 1974 Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are more than just equipment; they are an extension of a boxer's arm, offering both protection and power. The Leone 1974 Boxing Gloves are a testament to this philosophy, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Available in various sizes, these gloves cater to fighters across all weight classes and skill levels.

Sizes Available: 10oz - 18oz

Cost Variability: £35.99 - £179.99

Leone 1974 MMA Gloves

Transitioning from the boxing ring to the MMA cage, Leone's versatility shines through with their range of MMA gloves. The Black Leone DNA Hybrid MMA Gloves and the exclusive Leone Black Edition Hybrid MMA Gloves are designed for the modern fighter who demands flexibility, durability, and wrist support.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are a fundamental piece of equipment for any combat sport athlete, providing necessary wrist support and knuckle protection during training and sparring sessions. The Leone Hand Wraps are made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring both comfort and safety as you perfect your punches.

Leone MMA Shin Instep Guards

Protection is paramount in MMA, and Leone's MMA Shin Instep Guards are engineered to offer unmatched safety during high-impact training. The Black Leone DNA Shin Instep Guards and their elasticated counterparts provide comprehensive coverage, from the shin down to the foot, ensuring you can train with confidence and intensity.

Leone Head Guards

Head protection cannot be overlooked, and the Black Leone DNA Headgear, with and without cheek protectors, offers a snug fit and comprehensive coverage, ensuring your head is safeguarded during sparring sessions.

Leone Combat Sports Apparel

Leone doesn't just stop at awesome training gear; they've also got a super cool apparel line that blends practicality with style. This means you can bring that fierce combat sports vibe into your daily life, whether you're at the gym or just hanging out. 

Leone's clothes are perfect for athletes and fans who want to show off their love for the sport in a fashionable way.

Leone T-shirts

The Leone T-shirts are designed with the fighter in mind, combining comfort with a style that pays homage to the rich heritage of Leone 1974. These tees are perfect for casual wear or light training sessions, embodying the essence of combat sports.

Tank Top

The Black Leone DNA Boxing Tank Top is a testament to Leone's attention to detail, offering maximum comfort and breathability during intense workouts, making it an essential piece of gear for fighters looking to stay cool under pressure.

Leone Hoodies

For those cooler days or for layering on the way to the gym, the Black Leone DNA Hooded Sweatshirt provides warmth without sacrificing style or mobility, making it a favourite among athletes.

Sliders and Backpacks

No fighter's gear is complete without the essentials for convenience and recovery. 

For the next Leone Combat Gear we have The Black Leone DNA Shower Slippers ensuring comfort and hygiene post-training, while the Leone Backpacks & Bags, including the Black Leone DNA Back Pack and the Leone Camo/Black Back Pack, offer spacious and secure storage for all your gear.

This comprehensive look at the latest Leone combat gear available at Made4Fighters showcases not only the breadth of high-quality equipment and apparel on offer but also the brand's dedication to supporting fighters in their journey. From the essential training gear like gloves, shin guards, and punch bags to the lifestyle apparel that allows you to carry your fighter's spirit wherever you go, Leone 1974 continues to stand as a pillar of excellence in the world of combat sports.

Whether you're stepping into the ring, training in the gym, or simply embracing the fighter's lifestyle, the new arrivals from Leone at Made4Fighters have got you covered. Embrace the quality, innovation, and style of Leone combat gear and apparel, and elevate your game to new heights.