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Best BJJ Rash Guards Uncovered: Revealing Top Picks

Best BJJ Rash Guards

Taylor Saipe |

If you're new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), you might have noticed athletes training in tight tops known as rash guards. But what exactly are these?

Rash guards are an essential piece of equipment in BJJ, and we'll discuss their uses and why they are so popular.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one? In this guide, we'll explore the key features of the best BJJ rash guards and highlight some top picks from our collection at Made4Fighters.

What is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard, also known as a rash vest, is a lightweight technical shirt typically made from high-quality stretch fabric. It's designed to wick away sweat, provide compression, and protect your skin during training sessions.

Rash guards are an essential form of protection from what is commonly known as "mat burn," damage caused to the skin from contact with the traditional tatami mats used in jiu-jitsu.

Why Use a BJJ Rash Guard?

The use of BJJ rash guards has surged with the rise of no-gi training in the world of jiu-jitsu. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation now sanctions official competition for this category, leading to the majority of jiu-jitsu practitioners using a rash guard for training and combat.

Rash guards are used in BJJ to protect the skin from scrapes and burns during grappling, reduce the spread of bacteria, and help muscles stay warm and flexible. They're also great for moisture management, keeping you dry and comfortable while you train.

Venum Athlete wearing rash guard

Key Features of the Best BJJ Rash Guards

- Fit: The best BJJ rash guards have a tight fitting design that doesn't limit your ability to move.

- Sleeve Length: Rash guards come in both long sleeve and short sleeve options. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference and the specific requirements of your training or martial art.

- Quality: Look for high-quality Jiu Jitsu rash guards that are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of BJJ training.

- Design: The rash guard design can also be a deciding factor. Many practitioners prefer rash guards that reflect their personal style or represent their BJJ MMA team.

Top Jiu Jitsu Rashguard Picks from Made4Fighters

At Made4Fighters, we're excited to offer a diverse selection of BJJ rash guards from reputable brands.

With over 5500 trusted reviews on our site, we're confident in our recommendations.

To help you find the perfect fit, here are 7 of our favourite picks:

1. 8Weapons Shift Short Sleeve Rash Guard

When considering the ideal BJJ rash guard, we take all elements into account: material, feel, comfort, durability, and design. Leading our list of the best BJJ rash guards covering those basis with a sleek, straightforward design - the all-black 8Weapons rash guard.

In No Gi BJJ, the freedom to move without restrictions is crucial. This rash guard excels in that role, thanks to its 4-Way Stretch Mastery. It's crafted from robust 260gsm Lycra (87% Polyester, 13% Spandex), ensuring both comfort and stability.

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour Options: Black, Black/Purple

2. Venum Gorilla Jungle Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Venum is primarily celebrated for their partnership with the UFC in MMA, but they also have a strong reputation across all combat sports. For example, this rash guard is perfect for both Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Featuring a striking gorilla print, this design is not only eye-catching but also stylish.

Focusing on the quality, it consistently ranks high, much like Venum's other products. Athletes particularly appreciate the freedom of movement it offers, making it ideal for pairing with other pieces from coordinating collections!

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour Options: Black/Sand

3. Progress Ranked Competition Rash Guard

Ranked third, this piece is a must-have for BJJ enthusiasts—it's a 'competition jiu-jitsu rash guard' and the newest addition to their IBJJF-approved ranked rash guards, ideal for no-gi competition.

Progress, a leading name in the BJJ industry, is our top pick for rash guards we confidently recommend.

A standout feature of this rash guard is Progress’s Anti-Bobble Technology, which proves to be a durable investment.

As for comfort, it’s made from an ultra-comfortable blend of polyester and spandex, finished with a classic, sleek Progress design.

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour Options: Black, Blue, Brown, White, Purple (Every rank included)

4. Progress Bengal Rash Guard

Upgrade to one of the newest Progress Rash Guards, made with ventilating, vented side panels that cool you when you're in the thick of a long sparring session.

The design's Italian sublimated ink is not transparent; it is also anti-bobble technology with the longest-lasting rash guard.

An interesting detail is that the design was created by Progress's own Sam and inspired by his favourite animal. 

Like all the top picks in our best BJJ rash guards list, this one is exceptionally quick to dry.

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour Options: Black/Green, Black/White

5. Fumetsu Competitor MK2 Rash Guard

Fumetsu's 2024 release, the Competitor MK2 Rash Guard, comes in both long and short sleeves and boasts one of our favorite designs: simple, minimalistic, yet sleek.

Available in five ranked colorways, these rash guards are approved for IBJJF tournaments, making them a great choice for competitors.

The graphics are fully sublimated, ensuring they will never crack, peel, or fade, and they maintain their great look both on and off the mat.

An exciting feature of this line is the introduction of a new premium fabric—a soft, comfortable, and durable blend of polyester and spandex, ideal for daily training.

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour Options: Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Brown, Black/Purple, Black/White

6. Kingz OE Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Kingz is another brand that's devoted to Jiu Jitsu and has earned widespread recognition.

This rash guard stands out with a bold Old English "K" on one sleeve, making it a declaration of your allegiance!

Like all rash guards on our list, it offers the perfect athlete's fit which is true to size. Its snug yet flexible design ensures agile and comfortable movement.

Size Options: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour Options: Black

7. Sand Fumetsu Icon Short Sleeve Rash Guard

Take a look at Fumetsu's newest collection, including the stylish Sand Icon Rash Guard, offered in both short and long sleeves. We've tailored options for everyone, with specific designs for both men and women.

It’s all about keeping things understated and subtle!

Choose from two color schemes, whether you prefer the mystery of the night or warmth of the desert!

Size Options:

Mens - S, M, L, XL, XXL

Womens - S, M, L, XL

Colour Options: Sand, Black

Best BJJ Rash Guard for Women: Pink Progress Academy+ Women's Rash Guard

Best BJJ Rash Guard for Kids: Fumetsu Arc Kids Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Best Budget Friendly BJJ Rash Guard: Black Progress Academy Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Fumetsu Arc Rash Guard

Short Sleeve vs Long Sleeve Rash Guards in BJJ

When it comes to choosing between short sleeve and long sleeve rash guards in BJJ, it largely comes down to personal preference and the specific demands of your training.

Short-sleeve rash guards are a fantastic choice because they provide greater freedom of movement, especially in the shoulder area. They do cover less, though, which is something to keep in mind.

Meanwhile, long sleeve rash guards cover more skin, which helps protect against burns, scratches, and UV rays if you're into surfing. They also compress your muscles, which can help with blood circulation and speed up recovery after exercise.

Wrap-Up for Choosing Your Rash Guard

As we have discussed choosing the best BJJ rash guard involves considering several factors, including fit, sleeve length, quality, and design.

Always remember its important to consider your specific needs and preferences.

Do you prefer a long sleeve or short sleeve rash guard?

Are you looking for a rash guard with a specific design or from a particular brand?

At Made4Fighters, we offer a wide range of BJJ rash guards to suit every preference. Whether you're a fan of Scramble, Venum, 8 Weapons, Progress, Manto or Fumetsu, you're sure to find a rash guard that fits your style and meets your training needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do BJJ rash guards need to be tight?

Yes, BJJ rash guards should have a tight fit. The snug fit ensures the rash guard stays in place during training and doesn't interfere with your movements. It also helps with sweat wicking and provides a level of compression, which can improve blood flow and muscle recovery.

Are rash guards worth it?

Absolutely! Rash guards provide several benefits for BJJ practitioners. They protect your skin from mat burn, wick away sweat to keep you comfortable during training, and can even offer sun protection for outdoor sessions. High-quality rash guards are also durable and designed to withstand the rigors of BJJ training.

Should you wear a rash guard under a GI?

While not mandatory, wearing a rash guard under a GI is highly recommended. The rash guard provides an extra layer of protection against mat burn and can help wick away sweat, keeping you more comfortable during training. It also adds a barrier between you and your GI, reducing friction and potential skin irritation.

Are rash guards hot to wear?

Rash guards are designed to be breathable and wick away sweat, which helps to regulate your body temperature during training. While they do provide an extra layer of material, high-quality rash guards are typically made from lightweight, breathable fabric that shouldn't cause you to overheat.

Does rash guard color matter?

The color of a rash guard is generally a matter of personal preference. However, some BJJ schools or tournaments may have specific rules regarding rash guard colors, especially for ranked rash guards. It's always a good idea to check with your school or tournament organizer if you're unsure.

What is the difference between rashguard and rash vest?

The terms "rash guard" and "rash vest" are often used interchangeably. Both refer to a type of athletic shirt made from stretchy, quick-drying fabric. They are designed to protect the wearer's skin from irritation caused by contact with surfboards, martial arts mats, or other sports equipment.

Does the colour of a rash guard fade?

The color on a high-quality rash guard should not fade significantly, even with regular use and washing, thanks to the durable and colorfast materials used in their construction.