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MMA Shin Guards

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What are Shin Guards for MMA & what purpose do they serve?

MMA is a combat sport that combines elements of several martial arts disciplines, including kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. MMA shin guards are protective gear worn by MMA fighters during training and some fights - depending on the competition. While they may not be as popular or recognizable as gloves or headgear, they serve an important purpose in protecting the shins from impact and injury in training and upcoming fights. MMA shin guards usually have padded sections made of foam or plastic to cushion blows, along with adjustable straps to secure them in place. Some shin guards also come with additional ankle protection for added support. They support grappling techniques such as knee rides and guard passing. MMA shin guards come in a variety of styles, from traditional Thai-style shin guards with straps to contemporary sleeve-style guards.

Store & Clean your MMA Shin Guards the right way!

MMA training can be intense and sweaty, so it's important to regularly clean your gear to prevent the buildup of bacteria. To clean your shin guards, start by rinsing them with warm water to remove any dirt or debris. Then, use a mild detergent and a cloth to scrub away any stubborn grime. Rinse them again before hanging them up to dry completely. Once they are dry, correct storage is key in maintaining their longevity. Avoid folding them as this may lead to permanent creases and warping. Instead, hang them on hooks or keep them flat in a drawer. Regular cleaning and proper storage will ensure that your MMA shin guards provide reliable protection for many training sessions to come. 

Thoughts From the Pros:

MMA champion Ronda Rousey is known for wearing shinguards in the ring when training, using her trademark armbar moves without fear of injuring her opponents' legs. MMA legend Anderson Silva is also a fan of shin guards, citing their ability to protect against kicks as a crucial aspect of his fighting style. Overall, MMA fighters turn to shinguards for added protection during intense bouts and training sessions. Using them allows fighters to focus on technique, leading to more successful matches in the long run. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned MMA fighter, investing in a pair of quality MMA shin guards can go a long way.

Our Selection

Made4Fighters offers a variety of top-notch shin guards from trusted brands. Whether you're in need of a small or extra large, our selection has options for every fighter. And with brands like Venum, Fairtex, and Fumetsu, you can trust that the quality and durability will be second to none. Don't let your training sessions or MMA fights leave you with bruised and battered shins; protect yourself with shin guards from Made4Fighters!

Fumetsu Ghost MMA Shin Guards

Fumetsu Ghost MMA Shin In Step guards are designed specifically for MMA sparring. The pre-shaped contoured padding moulds around the shin area ensuring maximum protection.

    • Vegan friendly, made from Synthetic leather
    • Flexible neoprene back
    • Adjustable hook & loop strap closure
    • Pre-shaped embossed EVA foam padding
    • Available in 4 colourways
    • Designed in the UK