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5 Advantages of Using Weighted Gloves in Boxing Training

Weighted Gloves in Boxing

Over the years, various styles of weighted gloves have captured the attention of boxers around the globe.

Weighted boxing gloves, in particular, have become a standout choice for boxers at all skill levels.

Have you ever noticed how boxers never let their hands drop during a fight?

The answer is no, they’re always up, guarding their face and head. Keeping your hands raised like this can get exhausting, and that's where weighted gloves come into play. They're an excellent tool for building the endurance needed to keep those hands up and moving through all 10 rounds.

Weighted boxing gloves are favoured for several reasons, and they offer unique advantages that can enhance your training. Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of incorporating weighted gloves into your boxing routine, from boosting punch power to enhancing cardiovascular health.

1. Increase Punch Strength and Hand Speed

Using weighted boxing gloves during training sessions can lead to noticeable improvements in punch strength.

The extra weight adds resistance, demanding more force with each punch. This type of resistance training gradually strengthens the muscles involved in punching, ultimately increasing your power.

Note: When you're wearing weighted gloves, you'll definitely feel the pull on your hands, encouraging you to keep them raised!

After training with weighted gloves and then switching to lighter ones, it's easy to feel a surge in speed—almost as if you’re channeling the quickness of Ryan Garcia. However, keep your excitement in check to maintain control and focus in your punches.

Also, when you switch back to standard gloves on fight day, you'll notice your hands feel lighter and more agile, enabling quicker strikes. 

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2. Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness

Moving right along to another great perk of boxing—it's seriously one of the toughest workouts you can tackle, especially when you throw weighted gloves into the mix.

Your heart rate climbs, your body has to work harder, and all this extra effort significantly boosts your cardiovascular stamina. This is incredibly beneficial, not just for those long rounds in the ring but also for your overall training stamina.

Here’s the way to think about it: when you're feeling tired and you push through, that's when you're making real gains. In the heat of a match, that extra push could be just what you need to outlast your opponent.

3. Coordination Improvement

If you've ever watched professional boxers in action, you'll notice that no matter their weight class, they all share superb coordination.

You definitely don't want to be caught off balance while throwing punches, or you might just find yourself waking up wondering what went wrong!

So, why are weighted gloves so beneficial for coordination?

Adding weighted gloves into your training introduces a new level of challenge. They push you to maintain your precision even when you're feeling the extra weight. This adjustment period helps you fine-tune your coordination. 

4. Improved Muscle Endurance and Greater Workout Intensity

Just as we've seen with boosting punch strength, regular use of weighted gloves compels your muscles to adapt to the added weight, enhancing your endurance in the process.

Your arms, shoulders, and core are called into deeper action to handle the weight, which improves muscle tone and stamina. It’s akin to a targeted weight-training session, which explains why so many boxers sport well-defined upper bodies.

- Resistance Training: Training with additional weight not only builds strength but also integrates dynamic resistance into your routine, which is beneficial for muscle growth and endurance.

- Full-body Engagement: Unlike regular gloves, weighted gloves require the engagement of your entire body to maintain balance and technique, offering a more comprehensive workout.

5. Burns Fat

Weighted gloves turn every punch into an intense workout, dramatically increasing the calorie burn and melting away fat in no time!

Using these heavier gloves demands more energy, which in turn revs up your metabolism. This boost means you're burning more calories both during and after your workout—a big plus for fighters aiming to stay at their competitive weight.

And it's not just your arms that benefit; shadowboxing with weighted gloves also engages your legs and belly, especially if you incorporate hip tilts into your punches. This full-body engagement is a fantastic way to trim and tone all over.

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Integrating Weighted Gloves into Your Routine

Consistency is Key

Regularly incorporating weighted gloves into your training is essential for reaping the full benefits they offer. Aim to use them in at least two to three sessions per week, depending on your overall training frequency. This consistent exposure helps your body adapt to the increased demands, leading to sustained improvements over time.

Progressive Overload

To continue making progress, gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts with weighted gloves. This can be achieved by adding more rounds, increasing the glove weight, or integrating more complex combinations and drills.

Shadowboxing with Weighted Gloves

Shadowboxing isn't merely about punching the air; it offers a chance to refine your form and technique without the resistance you'd face from hitting a bag. When you add weighted gloves, shadowboxing turns into a powerful workout that boosts muscle endurance and coordination.

Take Aways

Weighted gloves are a fantastic addition to any boxer's toolkit. They not only build physical strength, speed, and endurance but also help to sharpen mental resilience and strategic thinking. The pros use them for a reason!

By thoughtfully integrating these gloves into your training routine, you can gain a noticeable advantage, whether you're training or competing.


Is shadow boxing with weights the same as weighted gloves?

No, they are not the same. Shadow boxing with weights involves holding weights in your hands while performing boxing movements, whereas weighted gloves have weights incorporated into the gloves themselves, providing resistance throughout the workout.

When to wear weighted gloves?

Weighted gloves can be worn during various exercises like shadow boxing, running, or aerobic workouts to add resistance and intensity. They're particularly beneficial for improving hand speed, endurance, and power in boxing and martial arts training.

Are weighted gloves safe?

When used properly and in moderation, weighted gloves can be safe. However, it's important to start with lighter weights and gradually increase resistance to avoid strain or injury to the joints and muscles of the hands and arms.