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Top Branded Hats and Caps for Fight Enthusiasts in 2024

Best Hats for Combat Training

In the realm of combat sports, fashion has become increasingly significant, embodying brand representation just as much as the sport itself. Every aspect is crucial, extending beyond the ring to include your attire in everyday settings.


The year 2024 has unveiled a captivating selection of hats and caps that are not only trendy but also practical. These headwear options are ideal for both relaxation and training sessions for fight aficionados.


At Made4Fighters, we recognize the importance of a cap that resonates with your enthusiasm for combat sports. Our guide explores the top hats and caps that merge style, comfort, and the essence of a fighter.

Best Hats for The Fight Fans

1. Black Fairtex CAP13 Basic Trucker Cap

Kicking off our roundup of top hats for combat sports enthusiasts, we feature a trendy trucker hat with a contemporary flair, ideal for bright days when you're not training indoors. Its design, which combines style and practicality, boasts meticulous craftsmanship ensuring lasting wear.


This hat is resilient enough to handle rigorous workouts while maintaining your sleek appearance.


This Trucker Hat provides a comfortable, customised fit for all head sizes, thanks to its adjustable snapback feature, ensuring you stay comfortable at all times. It's the perfect accessory to enhance any look, whether you're heading to the gym, a martial arts session, or a relaxed day out, merging fashion with practicality.

 Limited Edition Athletic Cap: Make a statement with this unique trucker hat, designed for those who dare to be different and join an exclusive circle.

Size/Fit: Adjustable

Colours Available: Black, Yellow

Material: Polyester

2. Venum UFC Authentic Fight Week Beanie

For those brisk days, this beanie is your go-to accessory, seamlessly blending warmth with UFC pride. Specifically crafted for outdoor workouts, the Venum Fight Week beanie embodies your passion. 

Its lightweight thermal fabric ensures both breathability and robust protection from the chill, making it an essential for any outdoor training. Born from a collaboration between the UFC, the premier name in mixed martial arts, and Venum, a trailblazer in MMA gear since 2005, this beanie is more than just athletic headwear. It's a statement of style and dedication. 

Note: Remember to care for it gently. Cold wash only, avoid tumble drying and ironing.

Size/Fit: One Size fits all

Colours Available: Grey, Khaki

Material: Acrylic

3. Cream Fairtex BN8 Beanie

This BN8 Fairtex Beanie Cream Hat is a stylish, unisex hat that offers both comfort and versatility, making it an ideal choice for a casual, fighter-inspired look that suits the winter season.

Its minimalist design, accented by the Fairtex logo, lends a classic and trendy touch to any outfit. Crafted from premium quality materials, this winter beanie is not only durable but also ensures long-lasting performance, making it a dependable accessory for both rigorous training sessions and everyday outdoor activities.

The hat's features are specifically designed to provide optimal warmth and dryness, ensuring you stay comfortable in colder weather. Its unique style, featuring a versatile colour, makes it suitable for both formal and informal occasions, enhancing its appeal as a winter hat. 

Size/Fit: One Size fits all

Colours Available: Cream

Material: Polyester

4. Red & White Fairtex CAP11 Worn Vintage Trucker Cap

Step back in time with a retro flair. This cap pays homage to the timeless fighter aesthetic, infused with a vintage twist. It's another superior dad cap, expertly crafted to withstand the rigors of combat sports. 

We couldn't resist including it in our collection, as its vintage finish not only reflects a commitment to the combat arts but also makes it a distinctive statement accessory.

Size/Fit: One Size Fits all

Colours Available: Red

Material: Polyester

5. RVCA VA University Snapback Cap

RVCA, pronounced as "roo-kuh," is a distinctive lifestyle brand that resonates with the surf, skateboarding, and street art communities. Established in 2001 in Costa Mesa, California by Pat Tenore and the professional surfer Conan Hayes, RVCA stands out for its innovative approach to fashion and lifestyle clothing.


The RVCA VA University Snapback cap combines fashion and comfort, making it perfect for daily use. This cap features a prominent VA patch on the front, complemented by a stylish leather clasp at the back.


The University Dad cap is designed with an unstructured mid-fit, utilising a 6-panel construction. It's crafted from 100% cotton, ensuring both durability and comfort, and is finished with a leather clasp for an adjustable fit.

Size/Fit: Fitted - One Size Fits All

Colours Available: Black

Material: Polycotton

6. Venum UFC Adrenaline Authentic Fight Week Baseball Cap

Introducing the Venum UFC Adrenaline Authentic Fight Week Baseball Cap, a must-have for dedicated MMA fans. This stylish baseball cap, among the best hats for fighters, combines durable performance fabrics with meticulously crafted details. 

Wearing this cap signifies more than just style; it's a declaration of your deep passion for martial arts and aligns you with the UFC's most distinguished athletes. It's more than a cap - it's a symbol of your steadfast dedication to the sport.

Size/Fit: Adjustable

Colours Available: Black

Material: Cotton

7. Venum Classic Snapback Cap

A must-have item frequently spotted on 'The Ultimate Fighter,' this snapback cap is a classic and enduring way to display your loyalty to your preferred brand, whether you're leaving the gym or the cage

As one of the best caps for fighters, it's made of 100% cotton, offering both durability and longevity to suit your active life. Moreover, the snapback closure provides a customizable fit, ensuring comfort and style in equal measure.

Size/Fit: Fitted - One Size Fits All

Colours Available: Black

Material: Cotton

Different Hat Sizing

Finding the ideal fit is essential for both comfort and fashion, especially when searching for the best hats for fighters and others. 

Our collection features a wide range of adjustable caps, designed to provide a snug, perfect fit for every head size. For those in search of caps, our adjustable straps are a game-changer, ensuring that each cap can be tailored to individual head sizes for maximum comfort. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking for popular, well-fitted headwear. 

On the other hand, our beanies are crafted with flexibility in mind, accommodating a variety of head sizes without the need for adjustments. This versatility makes them a top pick in searches for comfortable, stylish headwear. Both our caps and beanies are designed keeping in mind the latest trends and the most commonly searched terms in hat and cap sizing, ensuring that you find not just a great fit, but also the height of fashion.

Why the Right Fit Matters

Comfort: A well-fitting cap ensures all-day comfort, whether you're at the gym or out with friends.

Style: The right size enhances the overall look, maintaining the cap's shape and design integrity.

Functionality: For outdoor training, a well-fitted cap can provide better UV protection and moisture management.

"A great cap is one that you don't remember you're wearing – it's that comfortable." – Expert at Made4Fighters

Different Cap Peaks

Curved Peaks:

– Offers excellent sun protection.

– Reduces glare, ideal for outdoor activities.

– Traditional design, commonly found in baseball caps.

Flat Peaks:

– Fashion-forward, with a contemporary look.

– Maintains shape well.

– Provides a broad front for logos or designs.

– Popular in urban and streetwear styles.

Short Peaks:

– A modern, trendy design.

– Blends practical headwear with fashion elements.

– Less sun protection but high on style.

Adjustable Peaks:

– Can be shaped to preference (curved or flat).

– Versatile, catering to individual style choices.

– Often found in multi-purpose or sports-oriented caps.

Features to Look For in a cap for training

* Moisture-Wicking: Caps like our Performance Caps with moisture-wicking technology keep you dry and comfortable.

* Breathable Materials: Features like laser-cut panels promote airflow, essential for intense training sessions.

* Adjustable Straps: A must-have for a custom fit, ensuring your cap stays in place no matter the activity.

Venum Athlete wearing Cap

Women's Beanies and Caps

Our collection isn't just for the gents. Women fighters and fans can find a range of stylish options, like beanies and caps designed for a female fit. These pieces combine fashion with functionality, featuring Dri-FIT technology, UPF sun protection, and unique designs like wide brims for extra sun coverage. Check out our collection for women's beanies and caps to find your perfect match.

Technical Features of Fighter Caps

When it comes to athletic hats, the features are as important as the aesthetics. Here are some key aspects that make our hats stand out:

* Quick-Dry Fabric: Ideal for intense training sessions, hats with quick-dry fabric like the Black Rival Corpo Cap ensure you stay comfortable and dry.

* Cooling Fabric: For those grueling summer workouts, caps with cooling fabric technology are a lifesaver.

* Antimicrobial Properties: Keeping your headwear fresh and odor-free is essential, especially after long training sessions.

The Role of Breathability and UV Protection

The importance of breathability and UV protection cannot be overstated. Caps with features like breathable mesh panels and UPF sun protection, such as those found in our MMA fashion headwear range, are crucial for outdoor training. They not only protect you from harmful UV rays but also ensure optimal air circulation, keeping your head cool.

Customisation for the Perfect Fit

Adjustable fit is more than just a convenience – it's a necessity for the active lifestyle of fight fans. Caps with adjustable straps or stretch fit technology ensure a snug and comfortable fit, adaptable to any head size. This customisation feature is particularly important for combat sports enthusiasts who are always on the move.

MMA Fashion: More Than Just a Trend

MMA fashion has evolved significantly, transcending beyond the ring to become a part of mainstream streetwear. It's a reflection of a lifestyle that values strength, resilience, and individuality. Here's how our selection of headwear at Made4Fighters aligns with this ethos:

Fighter Style Hats: These hats are more than just headwear; they're a symbol of the fighter's journey. From the rugged design of Adjustable Fit for Comfort Caps to the sleek style of MMA Hats, each piece tells a story.

Versatility in Design: Whether it's a Performance Cap for training or a Classic Snapback for casual outings, the versatility of our hats ensures they fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.

MMA Fighters wearing cap

Conclusion: A Cap for Every Fighter

In 2024, the range of hats and caps available for fight fans and enthusiasts is unparalleled. At Made4Fighters, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse collection that meets the needs of every individual, whether they are stepping into the ring or cheering from the sidelines. 

From the Gym Hats with UV protection for outdoor training to the stylish and Adjustable Straps caps for everyday wear, there's a perfect fit for every fighter's lifestyle.

Remember, a hat is more than just an accessory; it's a part of your identity as a fighter and enthusiast. Explore our full collection and find the cap that best represents your fighter spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the disadvantages of wearing a cap?

Wearing a cap, especially for prolonged periods, can sometimes lead to scalp irritation, hair loss due to traction alopecia, and reduced air circulation to the scalp. It may also cause headaches if the cap is too tight. This happens exclusively when the cap is worn daily over an extended period.

When should you not wear a cap?

Caps should generally be avoided in formal settings, during certain indoor activities, and where they might obscure vision or create safety hazards. It's also advisable not to wear a cap while sleeping, as it can be uncomfortable and disrupt sleep.

Is wearing a cap healthy?

Sporting a cap offers health benefits like shielding you from the sun, reducing the risk of sunburn and heatstroke. It's crucial to choose a cap that fits well and promotes scalp breathability. Additionally, regular cleaning of the cap is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent the accumulation of germs.

Why do athletes wear caps?

Athletes wear caps primarily for sun protection, to reduce glare, keep hair and sweat out of their eyes, and sometimes for team identification. Caps also help in maintaining visibility during outdoor sports.

What is the back of a hat called?

The back of a hat is commonly referred to as the "backstrap." In adjustable hats, this may be a snapback, strapback, or a buckle, depending on the hat's design.

What type of cap is most popular?

The baseball cap is often considered the most popular type of cap, known for its versatility and wide appeal across various age groups and cultures.

What's better fitted or snapback?

The choice between fitted and snapback caps depends on personal preference. Fitted caps offer a custom fit but lack adjustability, while snapbacks offer flexibility in sizing and are easier to adjust.

What is a 5-panel cap?

A 5-panel cap is a type of hat that is constructed from five cloth panels, typically with a flat peak. This design is popular in streetwear and is known for its comfortable fit and large front area, ideal for prints or logos.

What do you wear under a cap?

Typically, nothing is worn under a cap. The cap itself is designed to fit comfortably and securely on the head without the need for additional layers.

Does wearing a cap affect hair growth?

There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that wearing a cap affects hair growth. However, wearing caps that are too tight or wearing them for prolonged periods without proper hygiene can potentially lead to scalp issues, which might indirectly affect hair health.

Are Fight branded hats different to regular hats?

Fight branded hats are not fundamentally different from regular hats in terms of their basic function. The primary differences lie in the brand and design, which are tailored to reflect the fight sports culture. Some fight branded hats may feature materials more suitable for managing sweat, offering benefits like moisture-wicking or quick-dry fabrics, but in essence, they serve the same purpose as regular hats.