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The Best Bars in Britain for Watching UFC

Best Bars in Britain for UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (or UFC) is having a bit of a hay day in the UK. But as a spectacle that's about as American as apple pie and using a completely incomprehensible system of measurement, the airing times aren't exactly optimal for us viewers across the pond. 

For any real UFC fan, nothing can beat the atmosphere of watching the fight in a dingy bar, surrounded by equally well-hydrated fans in the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention the once monthly pay-per-view flight the UFC puts on. These PPV fights will typically run you about fifty quid-- so it’s probably worth the effort to watch at a bar anyway.

So we’ve all agreed, bar it is.

What you need is a plan, a go-to spot, your late-night UFC-friendly local if you will. But as anyone who has ever tried to find a decent spot that's open when the fighters even enter the ring, it’s no small feat.

After many hours of fruitless searching, we took to phones, forums, and everything in between to track down the best bars to watch UFC in Britain. So, wonder no more “where to watch the next UFC fight” we’ve done the hard research for you and identified the best spots around this landmass we call home.

Where to watch UFC in the UK

Where to Watch UFC

Because most fights don’t end until about 5 am, the bars showing UFC probably aren’t your typical watering holes. 

Chances are your usual table at the pub probably has two chairs on top and smells of bleach before the fighters even enter the ring. So, we have to get creative about where we watch fights. Casinos are usually a good bet, and some after-hours clubs show the big matches.

Broken down by area, here are the best bars in Britain for watching UFC. While we did our very best to verify that every location included on this list regularly shows fights, you should always call ahead to avoid disappointment.

** All prices are listed as averages.

London Bars Showing UFC


In the capital watching opportunities are almost endless, you just have to know where to look. Whether you’re in the North, South, East or West there’s no excuse not to get down to your closest gin joint to watch some fights.

Genting Casino Chinatown ~ W1

Pint = £5**                           Wine = £9                              Cocktails = £11

Open 24 hours, the Genting Casino Chinatown is a great go-to for catching fights at all hours of the day and night. As it’s a casino, be sure to check the dress code, age requirements, etc. before turning up.

Number 1 London ~ SE1

Pint = £5                              Wine = £4.90                         Cocktails = £8.25

With 12 screens, table football and ping-pong Number 1 London is one of the best sports bars in central London. Open until 6 am Thursday-Saturday, this is a really great option for catching the late night fights.

The Victoria ~ SW8

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6                              Cocktails = £5.95

Open until 2 am at the weekend, The Victoria is a great option for some of the earlier fights. They also occasionally stay open later for big events.

Belushi’s Camden ~ NW1

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6.25                         Cocktails = £7.25

Any sports fan has probably been to one of Belushi’s many locations. With multiple screens, happy hour specials, and opening times that stretch into the wee hours, the Camden location is a great choice for catching UFC fights.

Nordic Bar ~ W1

Pint = £4.5                           Wine = £4.85                         Cocktails = £9.45

Open ‘til 4 am at the weekend, Nordic Bar is a great watching spot in Soho. With Scandinavian-inspired decor and a large cocktail list, it feels a bit more like a casual drinking spot than a sports bar but they’ve got 3 large screens and great drink specials so it’s a solid choice in central London.

Brown Bear ~ E1

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6                              Cocktails = £9.45

Brown Bear is a traditional pub in the heart of Whitechapel. Known to stay open later for big events, Brown Bear does respect typical pub hours so be sure to call ahead. The food is an interesting mix of Thai and traditional English, and the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming-- everything you’d want from a great pub.

Greenwood ~ SW1

Pint = £5                             Wine = £9                               Cocktails = £11

Greenwood is open all day, seven days a week. They’ve got rotating taps of craft beer and ale, as well as cocktails and wine. The upstairs is everything you’d expect from one of the best bars in London to watch UFC. Their premium sports lounge features 5 screens-- including two mega screens and a projector. This place actually closes down at midnight so you’re out of luck for fight nights, but they do regularly show Cage Warriors.

South West England

Yates ~ Torquay, TQ1

Pint = £5                             Wine = £3                               Cocktails = £10

Bosting multiple screens, a great buy-one-get-one cocktail special, and late weekend hours, Yates Torquay is easily the best bar to watch UFC in all of Devon.


The Midlands

Shooters Bar ~ Birmingham, B15

Pint = £5                              Wine = £9                              Cocktails = £11

Another UK institution, Shooters Bar Birmingham is open until 3 am Friday and Saturday, making it a great option for weekend fights. They have quite a few screens and great happy hour prices if you get there well early.

The Ropewalk Nottingham ~ Nottingham, N1

Pint = £5                              Wine = £9                              Cocktails = £11

Open late Monday-Saturday, the Ropewalk is easily the best bar to watch UFC in Nottingham.


North West England

North West England

The Brotherhood Of Pursuits And Pastimes ~ Manchester, M2

Pint = £5                              Wine = £4.75                         Cocktails = £8.5

With 13 screens and a central location, Brotherhood attracts fans far and wide, so you’re guaranteed a lively atmosphere on fight night.

The Bierkeller/Shooters Bar ~ Manchester, M4

Pint = £4.5                           Wine = £14.45*                      Cocktails = £8.5

*Price is per bottle

If it’s a lively atmosphere you’re after, this kitschy Bavarian beer bar is the place for you. The Bierkeller website lists their weekend closing time as “late” which is probably a good sign for watching UFC. Note: The Bierkeller is located within Shooters Bar.

Seven Oaks ~ Manchester, M1

Pint = £4.5                           Wine = £4.75                         Cocktails = £8.5

Seven Oaks regularly shows UFC fights in a friendly traditional pub atmosphere. With a wide selection of cask ales, beer, wine, and spirits, Seven Oaks is a solid choice for catching the fights.

McCooley’s ~ Liverpool, L1

Pint = £5                              Wine = £9                              Cocktails = £11

Wondering where to watch UFC in Liverpool, look no further. McCooley’s two Liverpool locations are both open until 4 am Thursday-Saturday. The Mathew Street location is spread over 4 floors and features no fewer than thirty large screen TVs. The Concert Square location is no less impressive with multiple large screens and LED televisions.

The Bierkeller/Shooters Bar ~ Liverpool, L1

Pint = £4.5                           Wine = £14.45*                     Cocktails = £8.5

*Price is per bottle

The Liverpool location of Bierkeller regularly hosts UFC viewing events. With similar amenities as their other UK locations, Bierkeller/Shooters Bar is a great option if you’re based in the Northwest.

Firepit ~ Southport, PR8

Pint = £4.5                           Wine = £4.25                         Cocktails = £7.50

Open until 2 am at the weekends, the Firepit in Southport is a great place in Merseyside to catch some of the rare early fights as well as Cage Warriors. They’ve got a huge cocktail list as well as some cheap pints and wine by the glass.



Victoria Gate Casino

Live Bar, Victoria Gate Casino ~ Leeds, LS2

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6.5                           Cocktails = £10.25

Open 24/7 the Live Bar at Victoria Gate Casino is one of the best viewing options in Yorkshire. If you’re watching with the lads you can even pre-order drinks and food before the fight. They also offer beer buckets for 18 quid so you can enjoy the fight properly hydrated.

The Brotherhood of Pursuits & Pastimes ~ Leeds, LS1

Pint = £5                              Wine = £4.75                         Cocktails = £8.5

Similar to the location in Manchester, we have it on good authority that the Brotherhood in Leeds regularly shows the big UFC fights.

Firepit Beverley ~ Beverley, HU17

Pint = £4.5                           Wine = £4.25                         Cocktails = £7.50

What it lacks in late-night hours, Firepit Beverley makes up for in cheap beer prices. There’s also a location in Bingley and one coming soon in Halifax.



Walkabout ~ Cardiff, CF10

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6.5                          Cocktails = £8

The Australian club chain, Walkabout is always a good time. While they’re located throughout the UK, we only got confirmation from the Cardiff location that they regularly show UFC fights.

Grosvenor Casino Cardiff ~ Cardiff, CF10

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6.5                          Cocktails = £8

Open until 7 am, Grosvenor Casino is a solid choice for watching UFC in Cardiff.

Yates ~ Cardiff, CF10

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6                             Cocktails = £10

Like the Torquay location, late weekend hours and drink specials, make Yates Cardiff a great bar to watch UFC in Cardiff.



Genting Casino Leith ~ Edinburgh, EH6

Pint = £5                              Wine = £9                             Cocktails = £11

Open 24 hours, the Genting Casino is your best bet for watching UFC in Edinburgh. The drink prices, atmosphere, and late hours make it one of the best spots in all of Scotland. The Fountain Park location also regularly shows fights.

Belushi’s Edinburgh ~ Edinburgh, EH1

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6.25                        Cocktails = £7.25

Like the London location, Belushi’s Edinburgh is an excellent option if the fight is on the earlier side. Although they do occasionally stay open later, regular closing time is at 1 AM.

Alea Casino Glasgow ~ Glasgow, G5

Pint = £5                              Wine = £6.50                        Cocktails = £10

The sports bar at the Alea Casino is likely the best choice for catching UFC fights in Glasgow. They hold events for the big fights, complete with free entry and the option to reserve a table, booth, or VIP area. Unlike most places, bar food is available until 3 am, and there’s a huge riverfront terrace for barbecues and a smoking balcony.