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UK Platforms for Streaming Live Boxing Matches

Best Boxing Streams

If you're new to boxing and eager to follow all the bouts featuring the biggest names in the sport, we're here to guide you to the best, most affordable, and legal ways to watch boxing online. It can be tricky navigating through different sites, but it's typically easy to identify the promoter of a fight—you'll see their logo everywhere.

In this guide, we'll explore some of the top services for streaming live boxing in the UK, highlighting features like streaming options, match schedules, and sign-up costs.

Streaming Services for Live Boxing

Boxing has found a new home in the digital age with various platforms offering high-quality live broadcasts. Here are some top choices where you can watch boxing match online:


DAZN has rapidly become one of the best boxing streams providers globally, offering a wide range of sports content with a significant emphasis on boxing.

As a licensed boxing stream service, DAZN features live boxing fights, extensive match replays, and exclusive interviews with fighters.

DAZN has become the go-to destination for boxing in the UK and Ireland, hosting at least 16 thrilling Matchroom bouts each year, available only on DAZN. For fans outside the UK, don't worry—you can catch fight nights from the USA, Mexico, Italy, Spain, and other countries on DAZN too.

What sets DAZN apart is its affordable subscription model, eliminating the need for expensive pay-per-view fees typically associated with big fights. This platform is an excellent choice for fans who want comprehensive coverage without the hefty price tag.

Subscription Details: The Monthly Saver plan requires a 12-month commitment and is priced at £9.99 per month. If you're interested in a longer-term savings, consider the Annual Super Saver option, which is a one-time payment of £99.99 for the entire year. For those who want more flexibility, the Flexible pass is available at £19.99 per month.

with no fixed contract so you can cancel any time.

Dazn Boxing

Sky Sports Box Office

Since 1996, Sky Box Office has been delighting viewers with its array of pay-per-view entertainment options.

If you're a fan of high-stakes boxing, Sky Sports Box Office is an excellent choice, regularly featuring big fights. Like many streaming services, whether you have a TV, iPad, smartphone, or tablet, you can stream all the fights live from anywhere—as long as you're connected to the internet!

It regularly hosts major pay-per-view boxing events, featuring some of the biggest names in the sport. While the cost per event is higher compared to regular subscriptions, the quality of the production and the caliber of the matches make it worth the investment for many.

Subscription Details: If you want to watch it through your Sky TV or cable provider, you'll need to book via sky and then watch through Sky TV or Virgin. It typically requires a separate purchase for each event. The cost ranges from about £19.95 to £24.95.

For example, some of the major fights like Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou and Liam Smith vs. Chris Eubank Jr 2 were priced at £19.95

BT Sport Box Office

Similar to Sky, BT Sport Box Office offers live streams of major boxing events on a pay-per-view basis. It's known for securing exclusive rights to some of the most anticipated fights, providing fans with a reliable platform to catch all the action from the comfort of their homes.

Subscription Details: The sign-up cost is event-dependent, but BT Sport often includes additional content, such as pre-fight analysis and post-match interviews, to enhance the viewing experience.

Exploring Additional Platforms

While DAZN, Sky Sports, and BT Sport are the stalwarts of boxing broadcasts, other platforms also offer quality boxing content:


Netflix has ventured into the sports streaming arena with an innovative approach by featuring the big fight between the iconic legend Mike Tyson, 57 and modern sensation, Jake Paul, 27. Something that everyones looking forward to.

Although Netflix doesn't typically feature live boxing matches, it now plans to stream a live fight, it seems Netflix is exploring new territory. Is this a new direction for the streaming giant?

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer offers a more selective viewing of boxing content, but it's a valuable resource for watching live boxing when available, especially during Olympic events or special broadcasts.

The platform is known for its no additional cost to those who already hold a TV license, making it an accessible option for viewers who want to catch up on significant national and international boxing events without extra fees.

Although not traditionally known for live boxing, BBC iPlayer occasionally secures rights to broadcast important boxing events. These are typically available without extra cost beyond the standard TV license fee.


For international boxing fans, ESPN Plus has made significant inroads in sports streaming, with a substantial focus on boxing.

Subscribers can enjoy not only live events but also a rich catalog of past fights, documentaries, and exclusive boxing shows. ESPN Plus is ideal for viewers who appreciate a blend of live action and historical content.

TV Boxing Broadcast channels

Choosing the Right Live Boxing Streaming Service

Content Availability: First and foremost, consider the types of events each service offers. Are you looking for exclusive pay-per-view events, extensive coverage of professional boxing leagues, or a mix of both? Platforms like DAZN and ESPN Plus provide comprehensive coverage, whereas Sky Sports Box Office and BT Sport Box Office are your go-to for blockbuster pay-per-view bouts.

Cost Effectiveness: Evaluate the sign-up cost and subscription fees. For frequent viewers, a monthly subscription like DAZN or ESPN Plus might offer more value than the per-event pricing model of pay-per-view services. However, for those who only tune in for big fights, pay-per-view platforms could be more cost-effective.

Device Compatibility: Make sure the service is compatible with your preferred viewing devices. Whether you plan to watch on a smart TV, laptop, or mobile device, compatibility can greatly affect your viewing experience.

The Importance of Legal and Safe Streaming

When choosing a platform for watching live boxing, it's essential to opt for legal streaming options. Not only does this ensure you're watching high-quality broadcasts, but it also supports the sport and its athletes. Illegal streams are unreliable and can expose your devices to security risks.

Setting Up the Perfect Viewing Environment

- Creating a Viewing Space: Set up a specific area in your home as your sports viewing zone. Choose a comfortable space with few distractions and adequate lighting. Position your seating so that everyone has a clear view of the screen.

Optimising Audio-Visual Equipment: Invest in a quality sound system and a high-definition TV or monitor. Clear sound and sharp picture quality can bring the intensity and excitement of the ring right into your living room.

Reliable Internet Connection: It's crucial to have a steady and fast internet connection when streaming live sports to prevent lag and buffering. Ensure your setup is backed by strong Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection—the last thing you want is for the fight to cut off unexpectedly.

To ensure you never miss an important bout, keeping track of match schedules is crucial. Boxing schedules can be found on sports networks like Sky Sports Box Office and BT Sport Box Office, or on the streaming platforms mentioned earlier such as DAZN. These platforms often provide not only dates and times but also details about the fighters, their stats, and what's at stake.