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Made4Fighters - the EXCLUSIVE UK home of Venum

Made4Fighters - the EXCLUSIVE UK home of Venum

One of the many reasons our customers love us here at Made4Fighters is that we’re able to boast exclusive partnerships with a number of the top-contenders in the business of producing martial arts, boxing and fitness equipment. In addition to Top Ten, Fumetsu, and Century Martial Arts; we’re also proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of official Venum MMA apparel and gear.

Venum have been a major force in the industry since 2005, and are now one of the most visible brands at the very top level of MMA (with many UFC fighters sporting the Venum brand), as well as being widely regarded as manufacturers of high-quality equipment and specialised martial arts clothing at outstanding price points. With the formalities out of the way, let's move on to look at just a small taste of our extensive Venum line-up as we highlight a few of our favourite Venum products.

Venum Shorts, boxing gloves and MMA Shorts at Made4Fighters

Venum are known worldwide as one of the most innovative manufacturers of boxing gloves, and that trend has continued with the release of the Neon Challenger 2.0 glove:

The Neon Challenger 2.0 is one of the best-selling pairs of adult boxing gloves, and for good reason; built with high-quality PU leather, an effective triple-density foam to help protect the ligaments, tendons & bones in your hands from the shock of impact, and breathable interior mesh to help keep your hands comfortable and dry as you train. Venum boxing gloves have a lineage of excellence and the Neon Challenger 2.0 again excels across the board

Next up are, in our opinion, amongst the very best muay thai fight shorts available today - the awesome-looking Venum Bangkok Inferno muay thai shorts:

Intricately designed and manufactured in the homeland of muay thai, Venum’s Bangkok Inferno fight shorts are everything you’d expect from an exceptional pair of Venum shorts straight out of Thailand. You can see straight away what the appeal is in terms of aesthetics - bold, dramatic and colourful designs that jump right out to make a statement. To be a top contender in the world of Venum and Made4Fighters, they’ll need more than just good-looks, and the Bangkok Inferno shorts guarantees that and more - combining comfort with style. A tried-and-tested elastic waistband ensures that these Venum shorts will remain snugly fitted, whilst their patented side slots allows for complete freedom of movement - absolutely critical in the sport of muay thai.

Venum are acclaimed across the board when it comes to MMA, and we have available so much more than just muay thai shorts - we’d like to invite you to browse our full collection of Venum Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) apparel, today.

Up last, but certainly not least, from the Venum Karate range, is the Venum Elite Kata Gi:

The Elite Kata Gi from Venum has been toughened up with ultra-heavy, yet lightweight and comfortable, premium cotton to protect it from wear and tear. One feature that we absolutely love about this gi is that areas such as the sleeves and gi collar have been thickened, resulting in an impressive snapping effect as you run through kata. As with all of Venum Karate’s IWF approved apparel, they’ve been tested to the absolute limit by elite competitors - and if the likes of Antonio Diaz (twice a kata gold medallist) is impressed, you can be assured that the Venum Elite Kata Gi packs some serious pedigree.

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