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Best Muay Thai Hand Wraps 2024

Best muay thai hand wraps

Taylor Saipe |

Athletes in all martial arts tape their hands not just for protection, but also for comfort, added strength, and sometimes to cover an injury. Choosing the right hand wraps is important for any Nak Muay.

A good set of hand wraps is a must, whether you're hitting the heavy bag or sparring for a fight. The goal in training is to focus on technique without worrying about injury.

We've created a list of the best Muay Thai hand wraps, including traditional hand wraps and inner glove wraps, perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced competitors.

Different Types of Muay Thai Hand Wraps

Before we get into our list of top hand wraps for Muay Thai, let’s take a moment to review the different types available and their key differences.

Traditional Cloth Hand Wraps

  • Material: Cotton, flexible and comfortable.
  • Usage: Used in training and competition for hand and wrist protection.
  • Benefits: Custom fit, breathable, reduces injury risk.

Gel-Padded Hand Wraps

  • Material: Gel padding within fabric.
  • Usage: Ideal for heavy bag work and sparring.
  • Benefits: Extra cushioning, enhanced shock absorption, aids in injury recovery.

Elastic Style Hand Wraps

  • Material: Blend of cotton and elastic fibers.
  • Usage: Provides secure fit in training and competitions.
  • Benefits: Snug fit, balanced support, maintains wrap position.

Tape and Gauze Hand Wraps

  • Material: Medical-grade tape and gauze.
  • Usage: Used by professionals for maximum support.
  • Benefits: Custom fit, rigid support, professional standard.

Inner Glove Hand Wraps

  • Material: Neoprene or synthetic with built-in padding.
  • Usage: Quick protection for training sessions.
  • Benefits: Easy to use, additional padding, convenient for beginners.

Top Hand Wraps for Nak Muay

1. Fairtex HW3 Quick Wraps

Fairtex is a top-tier brand in Muay Thai, offering not just hand wraps but also boxing gloves, shin guards, head guards, and more.

The Green Fairtex HW3 Quick Wraps are perfect for those who value convenience and speed. These wraps are easy to put on and take off, making them great for quick transitions between training sessions.

Despite their convenience, they still provide excellent wrist support and protection, keeping your hands safe during intense workouts.

One of our favourite features of these hand wraps is how easy they are to clean and store. They are designed to be hassle-free, avoiding tangled messes. 

Hand Wrap Type: Quick Hand Wraps

Size Options: S/M, L/XL

Colour Options: Green, Black

2. Fairtex HW4 Mesh Hand Wraps

Another great option from Fairtex is the new Mesh hand wraps, offering something unique.

For those who prioritise breathability and sweat absorption, the Fairtex HW4 Mesh Hand Wraps are a fantastic choice. Made with mesh material, they keep your hands cool and dry while providing durable protection and wrist support.

With 20% rubber, these hand wraps offer superior flexibility, eliminating the stiffness of traditional wraps.

Designed to stretch and mold to your unique hand shape, they ensure a perfect fit every time.

These wraps feature wide ventilated holes, strategically placed to enhance airflow and keep your hands comfortable. A favourite among top athletes.

Hand Wrap Type: Mesh Hand Wraps

Size Options: 4.5m (180")

Material: Nylon 75%, Rubber 20%, Polyester 5%

Colour Options: Black, Grey, Pink

3. Venum Kontact Gel Wrap Gloves

The Venum Kontact Gel Wrap Gloves are a fantastic choice for those seeking extra padding.

They are incredibly easy to put on, and feature the Venum Gel Shock System which is designed to absorb heavy impacts, keeping your hands well-protected.

A quick tip: these wraps are not meant to be used as MMA gloves or bag gloves on their own. They are designed to enhance protection and performance when used with appropriate gloves.

Hand Wrap Type: Gel Hand Wraps

Size Options: XS, S, M, L, XL

Material: Neoprene 70%, Polyester 15%, Gel rubber 10%, Synthetic leather 5%

Colour Options: Black/Black, Khaki/Black, Black/Gold, Black/Red

4. Fairtex HW2 Hand Wraps - Mint Green

These traditional cloth hand wraps are crafted from high-quality cotton, offering both comfort and durability. They're a dependable choice for anyone seeking the best Muay Thai hand wraps for training or competition.

Muay Thai fighters who are familiar with Fairtex know that quality is their top priority, and their hand wraps live up to this reputation.

Fairtex offers the largest selection of colours, ensuring you can find the perfect shade to match or coordinate with your club or fight attire, from White to Mint Green to Pink.

Hand Wrap Type: Traditional

Size Options: 4.5m

Material: Cotton

Colour Options: Black, Blue, Grey, Olive Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Mint Green, White, Pink

5. Fumetsu Icon Hand Wraps

Another latest release we have at Made4Fighters is the Fumetsu Icon Hand Wraps and these have been a recent hit so we couldnt not add them to the list.

For those who appreciate a bit of flair in their gear, the Fumetsu Icon Hand Wraps offer some bright colour ways along with the Fumetsu logo on the front.

These wraps are not only stylish but also highly functional, offering excellent support and protection. The beauty of these is they can be used for bag work, sparring, general training sessions or competitions (make sure they comply with rules and regulations of that specific martial art). 

Available in a wide range of colours and have a 4m wrap length with a hook and loop closure which are great for not only muay thai but also boxing, or mma.

Hand Wrap Type: Traditional Mexican Style Wrap

Size Options: 4m

Material: polyester

Colour Options: Black, Camo, Green, Khaki, Orange, Red, Yellow

6. 8Weapons Hand Wraps

Another brand specializing in Muay Thai, 8 Weapons, offers hand wraps that provide excellent wrist support and are made from durable elastic material for a secure fit.

These traditional Muay Thai hand wraps feature a Velcro fastener that ensures a firm hold and is easy to open and close. 

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned fighters, these wraps come in a variety of colours to match your fight shorts, gloves, or other gear.

Keep in mind that the 5m wraps might be more suitable for adults, while the 3.5m wraps are ideal for juniors or people with smaller wrists.

Hand Wrap Type: Traditional

Size Options: 3.5m / 5m

Colour Options: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White, Camo

Blue Fairtex Hand Wraps

Top Picks for 2024 Summary

Selecting the right hand wraps and keeping them in good condition is really important for anyone practicing Muay Thai.

It's a great idea to have a few pairs on hand so you can rotate them, allowing you to clean one pair while using another. This way, you avoid bacteria buildup and help your wraps last longer.

Whether you lean towards the traditional cloth hand wraps for their flexibility or the gel-padded ones for extra cushioning, there’s a perfect pair waiting for you.

Ultimately, the best Muay Thai hand wraps are the ones that suit your needs and preferences. Take your time to try out different types and find the pair that feels just right for you.