Vulkan Medical Sports Balm


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Larger sized (560ml) massage lotion for use before and after sport. Vulkan Sports Balm can improve your performance by ensuring your body is prepared for sport. Can also be used for therapeutic massage in the treatment and prevention of muscle injuries.
When can I use it?

Massage plays an important part in the preparation and recovery from sporting events. Sports massage can stimulate muscles prior to activity and relax muscles following activity. Massage is a great method of relieving muscle soreness.
Therapeutic massage is an integral part of the injury treatment process following injuries such as hamstring, calf, thigh, groin and back muscle strains. Massage increases local blood flow, which promotes muscle healing and repair. It also mobilises healing muscle tissue, helping to align the scar tissue which follows a muscle injury.
How does it work?

Vulkan Sports Balm has a grease free formula that allows for a comfortable massage experience without ruining your sports kit.
Massage increases muscle blood flow, mobilises soft tissue and improves lymphatic drainage. This helps to bring nutrients to the muscles, break down adhesions that cause stiffness and remove waste products from muscle tissue. This prepares your body before activity and helps you recover faster after your event.


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