Venum Training Camp 3.0 Large Backpack Black


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The large format VTC 3.0 backpack is spacious and ultra ergonomic. This Tarpaulin bag, an extremely solid material with a matte finish, is as comfortable as it is durable: EVA foam reinforcements covered with neoprene as well as foam straps will protect the back and shoulders whatever the contents of the bag.

This large backpack has 4 main pockets with two side pockets, each with its own specificities. The back vertical pocket, located along the back, can hold a laptop over 17 inches. The anterior pocket is the largest. It has an interior gusset at the flap to organize its storage. The bottom pocket is ventilated thanks to metal eyelets; it will be particularly useful for storing shoes or dirty laundry. The top pocket consists of the main compartment and a felt gusset; this extra soft fabric can store phones, tablets and other fragile items without scratching their screens. The insulated side pockets are ideal for storing bottles and shakers; they can both accommodate around 1 litre bottles and gourds.

A large Jacquard elastic overhangs the main bag pocket and provides support that can be used to carry additional gear such as shin guards.

The fluorescent inner lining provides maximum contrast to make it easier to identify the contents of the bag.

Ultra strong and full of resources, this ingenious and colourful bag is as original as it is practical. Multi-functional, it is suitable for all types of activities and can contain a variety of bulky equipment.


  • Materials: Tarpaulin (matt tarpaulin effect) and 600D polyester inserts
  • Maximum recommended load weight: 10Kg
  • Full fluorescent lining for maximum of contrast
  • Adjustable and reinforced foam straps
  • Slits at the straps for optimal grip
  • EVA foam reinforcement covered with neoprene on the back
  • Handle located on the top of the bag
  • Screen printing

Front pocket

  • Jacquard elastic that can hold large material
  • Internal zipped mesh pocket on the flap

Back pocket

  • Zipped pocket
  • Vertical compartment with computer gusset and hook-and-loop closure to hold contents

Side pockets

  • Isoterm pockets that can hold bottles
  • Mesh gusset for content retention

Top pocket

  • Internal pocket with felt lining for content protection (screens in particular)

Lower pocket

  • Metal blinders for ventilation
  • Zip closure


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