Venum Linares Edition Giant 2.0 Pro Boxing Gloves Khaki/Black/Gold

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The Giant 2.0 Linares Edition are based on the prolific Proboxing Giant 2.0. Sharing the same revered characteristics. The Giant 2.0 model is an incredibly versatile glove, offering the best compromise between impact and protection.

The hand is optimally positioned internally to provide heavy strikes. Therefore upon impact, the clenched fist is already positioned perfectly, this reduces the risk of injury and ensures the arm is not overly tense before impact. Working alongside Jorge Linares in the development of this glove, we were able to implement his valuable and world-class knowledge and feedback.

Finally, the combination of colors: Khaki, black and gold work perfectly together to make this glove one of the most beautiful in our catalog. The Giant 2.0 Linares Edition Gloves are part of a new Linares range including footwear, headgear and a professional protective cup.

  • Professional Boxing Gloves
  • Multilayer construction: Polyethylene, EVA and natural rubber
  • A perfect balance between hand protection and maximum impact
  • Premium Argentinean nappa leather: beautiful, durable and tough
  • Entirely hand made in Thailand
  • Velcro closure version
  • Limited edition