Venum Defender Urban Camo Long Sleeve Rash Guard White/Black

MSRP: £55.00
Was: £54.99
Now: £16.49
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The rashguard provides strong compression. It is a must for MMA or Grappling practitioners. However, it is suitable for many other sports activities.

Light and very durable, it protects you from friction burns during training on the ground all while facilitating recovery.

The silicone waistband keeps the rashguard in place, preventing it from slipping or rising.

Technical features:

  • Suitable for MMA, Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…
  • 84% Polyester / 16% Elastane
  • "Venum Performance" and "Venum" in silicone on the neck
  • Elastic support at the waist
  • Strong compression facilitating recovery
  • Also available in short sleeves


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