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Venum Camo Hero Spats

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The Venum Camo Hero Spats provides a lightweight, comfortable and protective base layer during intensive training or competitions with a unique camouflage design.

Built with Venum Dry Tech™ fabric, the Venum Camo Hero Spats helps you stay dry and comfortable by wicking sweat away from your skin. Thanks to its dense construction, the Venum Spat offers optimal management of your body’s natural heat, allowing faster muscle recovery for enhanced performance.

Designed with machine-stitched seams to follow your body’s every move, smoothly brushes against your skin unnoticed. By minimizing the irritation on skin and avoiding any unpleasant feelings, the Venum Camo Hero Spats helps you to stay focused on your objectives and your target goal.

The ultra-lightweight Venum Spats features a 4-way stretch material ensuring a full range of movement with no restriction. More evasive than ever, you will be able to counter-attack, pass the guard and submit your opponent on the mats.

Our Venum Camo Hero Spats deliver a premium protection against burns, marks and scratches. Also ultra-resistant, your Venum equipment benefits from sublimated designs and antimicrobial treatment for better quality and longer lasting use.

The bold and unique camouflage design of the Venum Camo Hero Spats, will help blend you as one with your surroundings.

Technical Features:

  • Smooth fabric and flat seams: extreme comfort during your training.
  • Ultra-light Dry Tech material: breathable and fast drying properties.
  • Compression fiber technology: accelerates your body warm-up and keeps your muscles lock.
  • Antimicrobial treatment against odor causing bacteria: allows you to wear your gear all day.
  • High quality stitching: unmatched durability