Vale Tudo Shorts

Compression Shorts for Martial Arts

Compression shorts should be a key part of any martial artist's gear. When worn as a base layer under a uniform or gi compression shorts can help wick away sweat and prevent chafing. Most compression shorts are made from quick-drying, anti-microbial material so you'll stay comfortable while you train. The tight fit of compression shorts keeps them out of the way and in place during even the most rigorous training. Wearing compression shorts under fight shorts while grappling will help make sure you don't show off anything you didn't mean to.

Some compression shorts also help your muscles and everything else stay in place. This leads to less soreness while training and faster recovery times. Some compression shorts even have a built-in pocket for a cup. If you prefer a separate groin protector wearing compression shorts over top can provide even more stability and protection.

An Introduction to the Sport of Vale Tudo

Popular in Brazil, the controversial combat sport known as Vale Tudo, is considered by many to be a ‘pre-cursor to mixed martial arts.’ Many aspects found in Vale Tudo are also reflected in the more modern martial arts it has inspired. Vale Tudo exists as a full combat sport with a very limited scope of rules and regulations. This means that there are very few rules nice place to protect the fighters in Vale Tudo. Many advertisers and promotors have refused to continue to support Vale Tudo and in most of the world, it persists only as an underground faction.

Critics want the sport to usher in new regulations which would put the event on a level that is much closer to mixed martial arts. On the other hand, many fans of Vale Tudo don’t want to sacrifice the unique elements of its presentation, citing its existence as a distinct sport from all other martial arts to be one of its most meritorious attributes.

Vale Tudo Shorts

Whatever you think of the sport, Vale Tudo shorts have become popular in several martial arts. While Vale Tudo shorts are very similar to compression shorts there is a major difference. Most compression shorts are designed as a base layer where Vale Tudo shorts are not. Vale Tudo shorts tend to be thicker than compression shorts and can be worn on their own or layered over compression shorts.

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