Twins KPMC-14 Small Microfibre Kick Pads Black/Red

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Seriously high quality Thai kick pads from Twins, hand made and finished to an exceptional standard, made to withstand many years of punishment from top level muay thai and MMA fighters. Small size pads for increased movement speed, accuracy and reduced weight. Features velcro fastening arm straps for convenience and ease of use when putting on, taking off and adjusting. Made from the highest quality Microfibre which is equally as strong as leather and performs the same but remains odourless over time and has a smooth finish. Sold as pairs.


Muay Thai, Stand Up, Kickboxing, MMA


  • Top of the line density padding
  • Light weight
  • Air release holes top and bottom
  • Neoprene straps for comfort
  • Sold as a pair
  • 31cm x 17cm x 8cm - 1.4 kg