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Tatami Grapplers Finger Tape Pack Of 4


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  • Sports Zinc Oxide finger strapping tape for protection, grip and injury prevention.
  • Ideal for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Very strong adhesive that won't slip in the heat of a match.
  • 10mm x 10000mm Branded Package, but Unbranded tape for IBJJF Legality
  • Tatami BJJ finger tape keeps your digits safe and improves your grip for all types of engagements, from practice sparring to the championship match. Finger tape isn’t just for Jiu Jitsu- this premium zinc oxide tape can be used for bouldering, boxing, MMA, kickboxing and any sport in where your fingers need extra protection.

  • Tatami Fightwear is renowned in the combat sports world for their training and protective gear. Don’t take chances with your training- Tatami is made for the toughest of fights. Tatami is an elite, UK-based manufacturer of quality BJJ and No GI clothing that is both quality and affordable. Strike the perfect balance with Made 4 Fighters and Tatami.

  • Why finger tape? The most common reason athletes tape their fingers is because of sprains, slight fractures, or blistering. If you’re suffering from a strain, you can tape a finger to the finger next to it to add additional support and prevent unnecessary movement. Be careful not to tape your middle two fingers however, as that can leave the pinky and index finger especially vulnerable to injury.

  • Combat sports can be extreme; that’s why we love them, but don’t risk permanent damage- always train with the proper protective equipment and seek medical attention when something doesn’t feel right. Your fingers are as important as any other part of your body, especially in BJJ, so make sure you take the proper precautions to keep them safe. Tape can’t guarantee a victory in your next match, but it can keep your fingers protected and improve your grip to fight another day.


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