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Tatami Fightwear Zero G V3 Competition Mens BJJ Gi White

MSRP: £79.00
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Now: £29.99
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After months of design and testing Tatami Fightwear are proud to introduce their new Zero G V3, one of the lightest BJJ Gi's in the world. If you have liked the previous incarnations of the Zero G you'll love this new version.

This gi has been designed in conjunction with some of the worlds best BJJ athletes, and is constructed so that the design, durability, and fit across all sizes is the best it can be. The jacket and pants weigh 1.5kilo (A2 Mens) making it one of the lightest BJJ GI’s on the market and as always comes with a free tatami fightwear gi bag 

  • NEW! Blue contrast stitching throughout the GI 
  • NEW! Pants panels with diagonal stitching 
  • NEW! Tapered fit for maximum competitive advantage 
  • NEW! 11oz double reinforced lightweight ripstop pants 
  • NEW Zero G V3 branding is strategically placed on the jacket shoulders, back of the neck and both legs. 
  • Zero G V3 brand patches are placed in areas compling to IBJJF GI standards, and adding a fantastic look to this NEW range of superlight competition BJJ's GI's 
  • Jacket made from 475gsm Pearl Weave reinforced GI material 
  • Rubberised collar to stop moisture absorbtion during training and competition.
  • Collar covered in ripstop material for added durability 
  • Single piece jacket for reinforced strength and comfort 
  • 10oz heavy cotton stitching on ALL areas of the jacket and pants
  • Colour: White