Tatami Fightwear

Tatami Fightwear Worldwide Long Sleeve Rash Guard

MSRP: £34.25
Was: £34.25
Now: £23.98
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The Tatami Fightwear SS19 No-Gi range is now available. A unique and innovative set of collections for you to hit the mat with.

With various new designs for rash guards, tanks, shorts and spats, we can reinvent your look and add style to your substance on your grappling journey. 

One of our exclaimed collections is the Worldwide range, a full no-gi set that celebrates the traditions of combat.

The range features two rash guards, available in short and long sleeve. Jiu Jitsu is a globally participated sport and we look to celebrate this in the design, with an ode to the Asian traditions of martial arts and the Western adoption of modern-day combat. All in a striking black and white contrast across the sleeves and chest. 

The rash guards take after Tatami’s usual high quality. With a polyester-spandex fabric blend to allow for extra elasticity and comfort, that will hold up against the rigours of training and competition.