Tatami Fightwear

Tatami Fightwear Estilo Leve Ultralight BJJ Gi White

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The Estilo Leve by Tatami Fightwear is a truly unique lightweight competition Gi. 

The Estilo Leve is the first Gi in the world to feature Tatami's exclusive dual weave construction. 

Traditionally ultra light Gi's stretch when worn, usually in the sleeve area. Tatami have eradicated this by creating a dual weave jacket. The arms and top area of the jacket are made from a firm and resilient 475gsm pearl weave fabric, where the main body is made from a lightweight 350gsm fabric. This unique construction has allowed Tatami to create an ultralight Gi that still has the grip stripping properties of standard weight kimono. 

475gsm top of jacket, 350gsm main body of the jacket 8oz Twill Cotton pants.

Triple stitched in all stress points.


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