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Tatami Fightwear BJJ Belt White

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*White Jiu Jitsu rank belt

*Made from high quality materials

*4cm wide and 0.5cm thick

*Length based on size (A1 to A4)

*Buy the same size BJJ belt as your BJJ Gi size

The BJJ belt represents more than just your rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - it represents hours on the mat, blood, sweat and tears. The white Jiu Jitsu belt represents the start of your journey. It's a clean slate that's with you the first time you step on to the mat. When training gets tough it's there to remind you that this is just the beginning. As your white BJJ belt gets broken in you'll start picking up skills and progress towards earning your next belt.

A Jiu Jitsu Belt Built to Last

Tatami Fightwear Jiu Jitsu belts are built to the highest standards and are sure to last until your next ranked belt test. Made of heavy duty cotton, these Jiu Jitsu belts hold their shape over time. While the white BJJ belt from Tatami Fightwear may be the first belt you buy, it won't be the last. If you're not sure what length of Tatami BJJ belt to buy choosing the same size as your uniform is a good idea. If you are between sizes it is best to buy the bigger size.



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