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Striking Equipment

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Having the right MMA striking equipment and sparring gear is absolutely pivotal if you want to see continuous improvement in your all-round game, and today’s martial arts striking equipment will challenge all aspects of your offense, defense and cardio - offering one hell of a workout in addition to helping simulate the diverse aspects of various martial arts. Modern day fighters can take advantage of innovative striking equipment from ingenuitive brands, looking to push the boundaries of martial arts training and design concepts that help a fighter optimise every tiny detail of their technique and strategy. Whether you’re looking to train solo with a grappling dummy, or take part in a sparring session with our focus mitts and shields, Made4Fighters has all of the martial arts training equipment you’ll need to see a significant improvement in your ability.

All of our martial arts striking and sparring equipment has been tried and tested by the hardest-hitting fighters, and has been designed to help you get the most out of your MMA training, whatever the discipline. We know just how important it is to train with striking equipment that has safety in mind, passing the strictest industry standards, as well as offering true value for money - in long lasting products that can stand up to years of punishment from devastating fighters.

Our dedicated selection of specialised MMA training equipment and striking gear is favoured by experienced fighters around the world, and you can shop for the very best grappling dummies, kick shields & focus mitts at competitive online prices. We also have a wide range of durable and versatile punching & kick bags, including the exceptionally popular Century BOB dummy, as well as grappling dummies suitable for fighters of all ages.