Shorts & Leggings

Made4Fighters have been supplying martial arts gear & equipment for many years now and we know it inside out. Styles and trends are changing, and we're noticing more than ever before that fitness and fashion come hand-in-hand, for men, women & kids. From rashguards, compression leggings, muay thai shorts, boxing boots & everything in between, we supply the very best. 

So, unless you've been in a cave for the last 2 years, you'll be aware of the intricate detail & incredible designs that have stormed the combat sports apparel market. Our team of fresh, creative & style conscious buyers are always hunting for the best of the best from your favourite brands. We've got what you want before you even know it. 

Shop Women’s Compression Leggings & Shorts

Turn heads in the gym whilst feeling supported, comfortable & confident with our specially selected range of women's compression shorts & leggings. We've listened to our customers, we know what's important and we've got something to suit everyone. Cropped or full length, high waisted or low-rise, bright or understated. Our compression leggings & shorts are; well fitted, NEVER see-through & durable. And don't be confused, many of our leggings in stock are unisex but pictured on a male model. Check out the size chart to find the right fit for you.

Muay Thai Shorts for Women

Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that commands respect and pride. With that comes the design of gear worn during each training session or competition. Our selection of Muay thai shorts for women come in sleek designs boasting several different colours to set each fighter apart from their opponent. Here at Made4Fighters we stock a premium selection of Muay Thai shorts made from quality materials to withstand any intensity of fight. Check out our range for Men’s Muay Thai shorts too.

The benefit of Women’s Compression Leggings

Compression leggings are purposely engineered with the latest technology to provide support, flexibility of movement and protection to the wearer. Made with thermoregulation materials, they keep muscles warm and limber preventing injury. They can be worn under shorts, trousers or even regular leggings, as a comfortable method of keeping fighters dry, while not getting in the way of movement, technique and speed. In addition to a full selection of women's compression leggings, we also stock mens compression leggings & spats too. 

Let's talk brands. Go for what you trust, or try something new. Either way, you can feel confident in the fact that they have the Made4Fighters seal of approval. Venum, Razorstorm, Phantom or Tatami just to name a few. Or, if you're up for trying something new we recommend the new ranges from PunchTown & Fumetsu! See if we have the matching rashguard here. 

Check out our full range of women’s training gear like rash guards, sports bras, training apparel, boxing boots & all the martial art protective equipment you could possibly need!