Scramble Strong Beard Long Sleeve Rashguard

MSRP: £37.99
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Strong Beard, Strong Fight.

In the Middle Ages, touching the beard of another man was a serious offence to his honor, and required a duel to settle the matter.
The beard graphics have been slightly updated with the design being fully sublimated.

Made from ultra high quality polyester / elastane blend and sublimated to perfection these garments will not fade or peel over time.


  • Superior quality material blend
  • Wicks away moisture
  • High quality graphics
  • Scramble graphics
  • Long sleeve


Care instructions:

Hang dry only. Sticking your garment in the dryer will cause it to pill. Wash inside out (this will help to reduce pilling). Wash in cold. Use mild detergent. Wash separately-(specifically from anything with Velcro and sharp edges). Use a delicates bag if you have one, this will help to reduce pilling. Do not iron! Do not touch velcro!