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Scramble Ranked V4 Rash Guard Black

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New Ranked Rashguards from Scramble. These are IBJJF-approved and designed for no gi grappling.

This is the black version, for black belts, which adheres to the IBJJF regulations for no gi uniform by having a large percentage of the colour be the rank colour.

These long-sleeved rashguards are made from a superior polyester blend that resists pilling far better than competitors’ rashguards. “Pilling” is the small white bobbles that appear on rashies with extended use. The material is specially treated to resist that pilling for much longer during its lifespan. You can train daily in these rashguards without any issue. And because the design is sublimated into the material, it will not fade over time, and will never crack or peel off.

The long-sleeved rashguard design uses soft, stretchy material, so if you want a very tight fitting rashguard, order a size down. Otherwise go for your regular size. The long sleeves also protect you from mat burn on your elbows and can help protect your skin from matborne infections.