Scramble Rainbow V2 Spats

MSRP: £37.99
(You save £18.99 )


These spats are the physical imagining of a unicorn fart. Except at the end of these rainbows there ain’t no pot of gold, it’s just your manky feet.

Marvel as the brightly coloured material hugs your butt like a horny sloth. Delight as your toes get stuck in the leg hole whilst you are putting them on, forcing you into a weird one legged awkward sexy mating dance. Explode as your face melts when posing in the mirror, confused and aroused in equal measure. These spats write their own product description, we are merely the conduit.

  • Double rainbow, all the way
  • So intense
  • It’s starting to look like a triple rainbow
  • Made out of the usual stretchy stuff we use