Scramble Natsu Vest Red

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Product Description

The Scramble Natsu Vest is made in Europe with high quality, long-lasting materials.

As you probably should know, Suns Out Guns Out was actually recently enshrined in law, with the proposal being signed by Arnold Swarchenegger and Steven Seagal at a summit on Mount Olympus. The both signed the bill wearing vests, signing it so hard the pens crumbled into dust and fifteen onlookers exploded.

Therefore with the sun being out, you must in fact have your “guns” out at all times.

This particular one is a nice bright red colour and comes with two armholes perfect for showing off your “guns” ie biceps. If you don’t have any then what the hell have you been doing with yourself for the whole of this quarantine / lockdown thing? Even your mum has guns by now. Buck your ideas up.

Bold, colourful vests / tank tops for summer, featuring our Skabuki ident.


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