Scramble Jiu Jitsu and Stuff Surf T-Shirt Blue

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It’s getting warm (unless you live in England, but still, it’s warm in your imagination, probably.)

You need something that says “Hey I’m a pretty laid back guy (or gal) and I am approachable and cool but if you look closely you can see the word jiujitsu which tells you something about my hobbies, namely jiujitsu. But still, I am pretty chill and you might even think I am a surfer. But you’d be wrong. Because it’s jiujitsu that I like. And stuff.”

Hope that’s clear.

Lightweight 100% cotton t-shirt. Blue in colour with a high quality screen print and Scramble label on hem.

Lightweight summer tee
Surf-inspired designs
You know, like whatever?
Jiujitsu and stuff