Scramble Adjustable Face Mask Set

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Product Description

Adjustable, triple layer, extremely awesome masks. Now that mask-wearing is mandatory in many parts of the world, why not wear these ones and save yourself looking like a complete muppet? Yeah exactly, you don’t have an answer for that, do you? Ya flippin’ muppet. Get a pair of these now and come back and talk to me after, I will be much more polite when you’re wearing it, OK? If you already own these masks, please accept my apologies, you look awesome and I really respect your sense of fashion and healthness.

These are triple layer yet super comfy, with adjustable ear straps, so whether you have the chin of Bart Simpson or Thanos, these should fit just fine. Win / Win

  • One size fits most with adjustable straps
  • Pretty freakin’ sweet designs
  • Extremely comfortable and wearable
  • Double pack



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