Ringhorns Nitro Shin/Instep Guards White

MSRP: £53.75
(You save £17.76 )

Product Description

Ringhorns Nitro Shinguards : Make them fly with a powerful hurricane kick !

Designed to practice on a regular basis, the Ringhorns Nitro shinguards are the best choice for the passionates who want to get into the ring several times a week.

Flexible and durable, these shinguards ensure a proper protection of your bones and joints. You won't hesitate anymore : kick hard !


  • High density injected foam, ultra absorbant.
  • Very flexible and resistant PU.
  • Reinforcement on the shin and instep.
  • High quality Velcro.
  • No metal loop (regulation of competition).
  • Great quality for an unrivaled price.


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