Reebok Running Storage Bag

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Product Description

A sleek way to carry essentials whilst running.

A longer belt pocket makes the Reebok Running Storage Belt perfect for holding larger personal devices as well as your keys and perhaps a mid-run snack or two. The storage compartments are water resistant too meaning your belongings will be protected from the elements.

With a large high contrast reflective area for maximum visibility in low light, the storage belt's buckle waistband can be adjusted to fit perfectly on your hips, preventing bounce and chafing. That's important when you're moving fast, climbing hills or tackling tough terrain.

In the pouch of the belt you'll also find an integrated headphone access point so you can easily select your running playlist, plug in and go.


  • Adjustable buckle waistband for secure, comfortable fit
  • Adjustable Size: Minimum 24" - Maximum 44"
  • High contrast reflective area for maximum visibility
  • Integrated headphone access point
  • Multiple water resistant storage compartment
  • Running Storage Belt


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