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Reebok PlyoStack

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Plyometrics, otherwise known as jump training, is designed to help athletes of all levels build power and explosiveness.

Using the PlyoStack, part of the Reebok Functional range, you can increase leg strength, stamina and jumping form, which ultimately leads to improved performance for specific sports and even faster sprint times. The Reebok PlyoStack can also be used as a tactile cue to gauge and improve the depth of your squat.

Aim high, jump high - the Reebok PlyoStack features a 5 tier design, with the double density foam platforms providing variable box jump heights of 7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm, 45.5cm and 61cm, enabling you to customise, aim high and set new records.

Though a highly popular type of training, box jumping is often met with concern for possible injury when using tougher wooden box materials which results in athletes not committing 100% to the jump. With those concerns and safety in mind, the Reebok PlyoStack is made to be stable yet soft enough to avoid shin or knee injuries. An ideal platform for a perfect landing, the foam plyo boxes are secured together with Velcro® straps, ensuring they don't slip when stacked.

With easy clean wipe down covers, you can keep your PlyoStack its peak condition.

  • Anti-slip landing platform
  • Double density foam construction for a soft and stable platform
  • Easy clean wipe down covers with heavy duty zip closure
  • Ideal for plyometric training to increase explosive muscle power
  • Reebok PlyoStack - 5 tier design provides variable jump heights of 7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm, 45.5cm and 61cm
  • Suitable for beginners to improve technique as well as seasoned athletes
  • Velcro® straps secure tiers together adding extra stability whilst jumping