Radius R1 Leather MMA Sparring Gloves Black

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Radius R1 sparring gloves incorporate the first significant change to glove design in decades. Incorporating the Radius Roll into the padding of the glove, the patent pending R1 provides an unprecedented level of protection round after round. Crafted of durable, high-quality cow leather, they conform to the unique contours of the hand to ensure the ultimate in comfort throughout your workout.

Ideal for technical training, ground & pound,  heavy bag work, pad sessions and sparring - the R1 allows mixed martial artists to train in a glove closer to the size of competition gloves while delivering maximum hand protection. In addition, the patent pending design in the Radius R1 MMA sparring gloves decreases the impact of strikes delivered to your sparring partner making training safer by reducing head trauma.


Designed for mixed martial arts athletes, Radius R1 sparring gloves are idea for technical training, heavy bag work, pad sessions and sparring.

  • Patent pending design
  • Top grade calf leather
  • Maximum hand protection
  • Radius Roll integration
  • Double stitched