Radius Hybrid Hand Wrap System

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Product Description

The mid-size Radius Hybrid Hand Wrap System offers a bit more protection than the Slim, with a smaller profile than the Ultimate. Select either 120" or 180" Radius Hybrid Wraps to suit a variety of training regimens, hand sizes and gloves. The Radius Hybrid is a great all around training hand wrap for a variety of training scenarios and offers excellent knuckle protection. Learning how to hand wrap for boxing, mma and muay thai is easy with Radius Wraps. Click the link for complete Radius Wraps review from thestrikerslab.com

The Radius Hybrid Hand Wrap System has been shown to reduce impact forces by 29% in a leading sports science lab. This academic study was conducted by at the Center for Sport Performance at Cal State Fullerton. Read the published study here. Decreased impact forces reduce the risk of hand injury. Hand protection is essential for all MMA and Boxing training, and a good hand wrap is the foundation of your hand protection kit. We have a full selection of Radius hand wraps and boxing gear available, check out our Radius brand page to find the hand wrap that’s right for you!


The Radius Hybrid Hand Wrap System is best suited for:

  • Bag work, sparring, focus mitts and technical training, boxing hand wraps, muay thai hand wraps, kickboxing hand wraps, mma hand wraps.



  • One (1) pair of Radius Wraps (120" or 180") 
  • One (1) pair of Hybrid Rolls



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