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Boxing Pads

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Boxing pads, punching mitts, focus pads - call them whatever suits you; what’s important is that when running through boxing drills and exercises, or sparring dynamically with a training partner, you make these boxing essentials part of your routine. Boxing focus mitts and pads are a fantastic and popular tool for boxing coaches around the world. Boxers, whether the calibre of a Glass Joe or a Floyd Mayweather, will benefit massively from sharpening their mechanics, reactions and strikes through the use of boxing focus mitts.

Boxing focus mitts allows a training partner or coach to absorb your blows and move in a manner which resembles actual boxing competition. This will help develop a number of key attributes, such as; footwork, balance, timing, technique and strategy. The use of boxing mitts and boxing pads isn’t just about preparing a fighter for a bout, however, they also make for a fantastic workout tool, and running through a couple of training drills with boxing mitts will improve you both physically and mentally.

Here at Made4Fighters, we have available boxing pads and focus mitts from Bytomic, Venum, Hayabusa and more. Designed to match the shape of the palm, and coated with a special non-slip cellular coating to help both boxer and trainer, our boxing focus mitts and pads are the best in the game, and are available at competitive prices.